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August 17, 2022

The Outfit: How much do Romanian women spend on clothes?

Doctor, lawyer or economist, aged 37, settled in a big city, with a very busy schedule. She prefers neutral colors and likes to emphasize her waist, but also her neckline, legs or back. This is what the profile of theoutfit.ro client looks like, the online platform that does shopping instead of Romanians, combining data science with the expertise of personal shoppers.

The budget allocated by these women for an everyday outfit, an office one or for a special occasion (party) varies between 399 and 1499 lei and generally includes 3-4 items of clothing and accessories. The pieces they prefer are, in this order: dresses, pants, tops, shirts and skirts. Two out of three women say they wear jewelry, and nine out of ten, a purse too.

Romanian brands convince 27% of customers with their products, the remaining 73% of the products in the shopping cart being from international brands. From the data, it is also observed that women place orders with predilection between the 7th and 10th of each month.

So far, over 65,000 women have created a profile on the platform, and 12,000 have placed at least one order, 50% of them wanting clothes to wear every day, another 20% – office outfits, in the same percentage – outfits for parties, weddings or baptisms, and 10% – for other specific occasions. Their outfits consisted of pieces from over 80 international brands, such as YAS, Moss Copenhagen, ICHI, S. Oliver, Tom Tailor, Edited, but also dozens of other Romanian ones, including Alina Cernătescu, Bluzat, Alura, Nissa or Emat.

“45% of our clients told us that they want to define their own clothing style, and here The Outfit differentiates itself, managing to meet this need, allocating a stylist for each client and collecting data about lifestyle, tastes and preferences. In the age of speed and social platforms, it is important for these women to save time and, at the same time, to have an image that represents them. Consumers’ needs are evolving, their expectations are rising, but we are offering them this new approach, we are taking a step forward. It is not only a shopping experience, but also a styling experience”, explained Ciprian Dudulea, CEO & co-founder of The Outfit.

The data collected by The Outfit from the people who created their account on the platform present a complex image of the Romanian woman with above average income. Favorite styles are, in this order: casual, feminine / romantic, minimalist and sophisticated. 50% of these women allocate a budget of up to 250 lei for a dress.

The presented data were collected between June 2021 – June 2022, through the profiles created on theoutfit.ro platform.


About The Outfit


The Outfit, the startup founded by Ciprian Dudulea, Șerban Buliga and Horia Stupu, was launched in March 2021. So far, the business has attracted total funding of over 1 million euros.


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