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August 8, 2022

EduMin Cimpeanu: New Education bill stipulates 40 pct increase in salary costs

The new education bill regarding the pre-university education foresees a 40pct increase in the salary costs and a 370pct increase in material expenses, the Minister of Education, Sorin Cimpeanu, said on Monday.

“This year we have managed to regulate the coverage of the standard cost for pre-school children. I am talking about 15,600 lei in funding. We still need to find a solution, though, to cover for the financial needs for pre-schoolers and pupils. We have stipulated an increase in the new law on pre-university education – and we hope that this precise version will be adopted, when it comes to the financing part, with the increase to reach at least 40pct in terms of salary costs, from 6,386 per pupil to 9,000 lei per pupil, and (…) we also have a 370pct increase in material expenses from which all those operating expenses of schools and kindergartens can be ensured. It is an increase from 485 lei per pupil, which is the standard cost for material expenses now, to 1,800 lei per pupil,” stated the minister, who participated in the inauguration of a new building at Kindergarten no. 241 in Bucharest.

He explained that when drafting the new bill, they took into account the “coupling” of investments in salaries and those in material expenses.

“There must be a minimum investment of 20pct in material expenses in relation to salaries. So, I said 1,800 lei material expenses, compared to 9,000 lei salary expenses, that is what the new draft law provides. At the moment, the ratio is not 1 to 5, the ratio is 1 to 12, from 485 lei material expenses to 6,386 lei salary expenses. Thus, we understand to support the development of human resources, which are so important, but also the development of the infrastructure which is so necessary,” said Sorin Cimpeanu.

According to him, utilities are also provided for in the funds earmarked for material expenses.

“There are also material expenses for increasing the degree of inclusion, there are also operating expenses such as utility expenses, for example, which have had a dramatic increase in the last period. In this way, we understand to support the operation of schools and kindergartens as a priority,” he said.

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