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August 8, 2022

PSD calling for resumption of coalition talks on regulation of gas, energy prices in Romania

The Social Democratic Party (PSD) in the ruling coalition is calling for the resumption of talks inside the coalition on the application of energy and natural gas price regulation in Romania for a limited period, saying that the economic and social reality requires that to “stop the spiral of price increases.”

“PSD maintains that it is necessary to resume, at the level of the ruling coalition, discussions on the application of the regulation of energy and natural gas prices in Romania for a limited time. PSD is returning with the solution it presented at the beginning of the year, because the economic and social reality requires it. The market is deeply distorted and does not offer financially sustainable options to the economy, which means additional costs transferred to the prices of products paid by the public,” reads a PSD press statement released on Monday.

“PSD specialists are carefully following the developments elsewhere in Europe, where more and more important voices in the economy are claiming that after 30 years of liberalisation, in the current critical context, energy security cannot be left to the markets.

“France is nationalising EDF, the largest French utility company. Germany has passed the necessary legislation for state takeovers of troubled companies; it has already temporarily taken over Gazprom’s branch and is preparing to take over shares in another key company in its energy infrastructure – UNIPER.”

PSD believes that “it is time for the coalition partners to realise that the liberalisation of the energy market, an operation carried out in 2020-2021 by the right-wing government, was a failure of epic proportions that only brought Romanians a series of price increases.”

“PSD considers that the regulation of the energy market represents a tool of decisive importance in the state’s effort to stop the avalanche of price increases. It is a solution that can give more room to the government to make sure that in wintertime people and the economy will have and will be able to pay for heating, electricity and fuel.”

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