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August 10, 2022

Secretary of State: Romania can manage with the 15pct cut in gas consumption recommended by the EU

Secretary of State George Niculescu (photo) from the Ministry of Energy gave assurance that Romania can manage with the 15pct cut in gas consumption recommended by the EU, also mentioning that, for now, this is a voluntary action and that there are “some flexibilities” taken into account in this reduction, such as the storage filling levels and the consumption of the non-energy industry.

“Romania has always supported energy independence, we have always wanted and we still want to diversify our sources of natural gas and electricity supply. Therefore, this voluntary reduction, basically, considering Romania’s posibilities today, I think we can make it, we can manage with this voluntary cut in consumption. There are some flexibilities that are taken into account in operating this cut, in the sense that we have the storage filling level, which filling level (…) can lead to a reduction from the 15pct cut recommended and, also, we are also taking into account the consumption of the non-energy industry, as it is presented on the Eurostat website, another quantity of natural gas that can be reduced from this 15pct,” said Niculescu, after the government meeting.

Asked if this voluntary 15pct cut would be imposed in Romania, Niculescu stated that “everyone is free to proceed as they see fit, as long as it is a voluntary action.”

According to him, the Regulation that stipulates the emergency plan will be modified by October 31, alongside the role and responsibilities of companies operating in the natural gas field in Romania, the individual activities of the entities involved in the prevention of crisis situations.

Asked if the Government will ask companies to reduce consumption from August 1, Niculescu reiterated that it is not a mandatory measure at the EU level.

According to the Secretary of State, a recommendation for efficient consumption of electricity or natural gas is “a thing of common sense.”


PM Ciuca: Government takes measure to ensure natural gas reserve for winter of 2022-2023


Under the conditions of the EU decision on the reduction of natural gas consumption, the necessary gas will be provided for household consumers, small and medium-sized enterprises, social services and critical industries and the Government will be able to continue to develop the extraction and storage capabilities, Prime Minister Nicolae Ciuca stated on Wednesday at the beginning of the Executive meeting.

“Currently, we have 55 percent of the assumed gas quantities in secured deposits. Practically, we are far above the assumed limit of 46% on August 1, and given the way the situation is currently unfolding, I appreciate that we will have gas reserves secured, the 80% stock established before November 1 and with certainty, everything that is stored in addition will be of great use to us,” Ciuca said.

He reiterated that the necessary gas will be provided for household consumers, small and medium-sized enterprises, social services and critical industry.

The State Secretary in the Ministry of Energy, George Niculescu, stated the stored amount of natural gas is exceeded by a lot, noting that on August 1, there will be a degree of filling of 58.7%.

“This reserve of natural gas that we have stored will certainly help us get through the winter period well,” he mentioned.

He appreciated that, should the voluntary measure at the EU level to reduce gas consumption by 15% turn into a mandatory one, as provided for in the draft regulation, the reduction in consumption will be carried out only for certain sectors of the economy.

“It is our role to ensure that the population, small and medium-sized enterprises and critical industry, social services and critical services will not suffer during the cold season,” said the Secretary of State, according to Agerpres.


Photo: www.gov.ro

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