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August 14, 2022

In last year of the pandemic, ambulance services countrywide have had about 4 million interventions

Health Minister Alexandru Rafila said on Thursday in eastern Iasi, during a rally celebrating 116 years of existence of the Ambulance Service, that in the last year of the pandemic, the paramedical services in the country had about 4 million interventions.

“It’s extraordinary, a professional body of roughly 12,000 people with 2,700 technical means. The performance is extraordinary and I am convinced that many more victims would have been in Romania if it had not been for a professional medical body next to people in need,” the minister said in his speech.

Alexandru Rafila wanted to thank both those from the Ambulance and, “so that there is no room for interpretations”, those from SMURD (Mobile Emergency, Resuscitation and Extrication Service) “who intervene to save lives and who are good to work with you.”

He told the several hundred ambulances, nurses and doctors from the ambulance services from all over the country who came to the Square of the Palace of Culture in Iasi that people must trust the medical body in Romania.

Health Minister Alexandru Rafila told the attending journalists that a strategy for the development of the ambulance services has to be developed, emphasising at the same time that there must be elements of integration when there are emergencies, catastrophes, accidents. He said that the human resources of the services have to be secured, alongside their development and training and the provision of technical means.


Photo: Facebook/Ministerul Sanatatii

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