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August 17, 2022

INS: Almost 20 million cubic metres of wood logged in Romania in 2021

The amount of wood logged last year was 19.994 million cubic metres (gross volume) of wood, 342,000 cubic metres higher than in 2020, according to data centralised by the National Institute of Statistics.

By forest species, conifers represented 40.1% of the total volume of wood logged, beech 30.8%, various hard species (acacia, sycamore maple, ash tree, walnut, etc.) 11.3%, oak 10.1% and various soft species (linden, willow, poplar, etc.) 7.7%.

The wood harvested in 2021 was destined in a proportion of 96.4% to legal entities certified in the activity of forest exploitation and in a proportion of 3.6% to natural persons who can exploit wood from the forests they own.

Last year, 13.438 million cubic metres of wood were logged from publicly owned forests, representing 67.2% of the total volume of wood harvested, the rest being harvested from privately owned forests (29%) and from forest vegetation located on lands outside forest fund (3.8%).

Compared to 2020, the volume of wood harvested from forest vegetation located on lands outside the forest fund increased by 6.7%, that from publicly owned forests by the state increased by 9.1%, and that from privately owned forests decreased by 8.7% and there was a 0.2% decrease in wood harvested from forests publicly owned by administrative-territorial units.

Main wood products represented, last year, 71.1% of the total volume of harvested wood, while secondary wood products accounted for 21.1% and hygiene wood products for 7.8% of the total volume of harvested wood.


Photo: www.pixabay.com

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