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August 8, 2022

Israel Ambassador launches “Returning to Romania” tome in Crit: To me returning to Romania means returning to a special place, returning to a place where I feel at home

Ambassador of the State of Israel to Romania David Saranga launched on Sunday at the ‘Haferland Week’ Festival the ‘Intoarcerea la Romania’ – ‘Returning to Romania’ book, a Romanian – English bilingual tome.

“When I wrote this book I did not write about politics, I wrote about the experience I had here in Romania, I wrote about the things connecting us, I wrote about the roots of Zionism that are here in Romania and mostly I wrote about my travels”, David Saranga said.

He said that each time he travelled in Romania he saw the traditions, nature and the warm hearts of people.

“I wanted to travel more, but my time was limited, so I could only travel two or three times a month, and each time I saw your tradition, each time I saw nature, each time I travelled I met warm-hearted people and I have always said that if there is anything that I will miss about Romania there are two things: the people and nature’s beauty”, said Saranga.

The author mentioned that he was often asked why the book’s title was ‘Returning to Romania,’ and not ‘Returning in Romania.’

“The answer is very simple: to me Romania isn’t just a geographical place, to me Romania isn’t just a territory, to me returning to Romania means returning to a special place, returning to a place where I feel at home, and for this reason I have returned not in Romania, I have returned to Romania”, David Saranga said.

Ambassador of the State of Israel David Saranga attended in Crit on Sunday the last day of the Haferland Week Festival and he appreciated the atmosphere of tolerance and multiculturality.

“It is the tenth edition of Haferland Festival, it is the third year since I have been attending the festival and I like this multicultural atmosphere representing the Haferland Festival”, the ambassador told AGERPRES.

He confessed he likes the area as well as the atmosphere of tolerance and multiculturality.

Each year increasingly more people are coming, each year we can find people coming from various areas and here they meet and talk and I believe this weekend is one showing this atmosphere of tolerance and multiculturality, David Saranga also said.

The ambassador pointed out that in the beginning of his mandate Sighisoara had been the first city he visited and, coincidentally, at the end of his mandate it was the last city he visited.

“Sometimes things happen coincidentally and this is what happened now. Yesterday, when I was coming from Bucharest to Sighisoara, I was thinking that this was the first city I visited after I came here and, again, now, before my departure, I am in this area and I have visited Sighisoara. Tomorrow, in 24 hours, I will leave Romania and this is the last event I am attending”, Ambassador Saranga said.

When asked what he appreciated in Romania during his stay, Saranga said the wonderful landscapes and warm-hearted people.


Photo: Facebook/David Saranga

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