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August 13, 2022

Census 2021: As many as 18.15 million people have been recorded by July 31

As many as 18.15 million people were registered by the end of the day of 31 July, the last day of census, representing 95.4% of the resident population estimated by Romania on December 1, 2021, informs the National Institute of Statistics (INS).

“On 31 July 2022, the last stage of census data collection was completed both by the census workers’ visits to the usual residence addresses of the population that did not self-reviewed online between March 14 and May 27, 2022, and by collecting data from the fixed census points. By the end of the day of 31 July, the last day of census, a total of 18.15 million people were registered, representing 95.4% of the resident population estimated by Romania on December 1, 2021 (19.02 million people),” states the INS in the press release regarding the end of the 2021 round of the Population and Housing Census.

According to the source, after the end of the data collection period, according to art. 22 of the OUG (Government Emergency Ordinance) no. 19/2020, “the completeness of the individual data on persons, households, dwellings and buildings is ensured. This shall be done by imputation via statistical methods, from statistical and administrative sources, for those statistical units for which there is no form filled in with data, in accordance with the methodology laid down in Article 9 (9). (4)”.

The statistical imputation methodology to be applied for the census was approved in July 2021 by the Central Commission for Population and Housing Census.

The first results of the Population and Housing Census (RPL2021) round 2021 will be disseminated during December 2022, and the complete and final data will be made public at the end of 2023.

INS mentions that RPL2021 is the first census in Romania organized entirely in digital format, it was the 13th census in history and the fourth after the Revolution of 1989.

“The entire process of data collection has been carried out with the assurance of full confidentiality and protection of information. The National Institute of Statistics thanks the Romanian population who participated in a very large number in the census process. This action was carried out in optimal conditions with the support of the Special Telecommunication Service which provided technical and operational support. The census also enjoyed the active support of the Ministry of Internal Affairs as well as that of the mayors,” the release reads.


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