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August 8, 2022

REPER party officially established

The REPER party is officially established, after receiving the final decision of the Bucharest Court, two months after the documents were submitted, the representatives of this political entity inform on Wednesday.

The five founders – Ramona Strugariu (photo), Dragos Pislaru, Dacian Ciolos, Dragos Tudorache and Alin Mituta – state that they are about to start the debates on the party’s operating documents.

“It is an important day for us and we hope it will be an important day for democracy and political pluralism in Romania. REPER is today officially a political party that will campaign for a prosperous, European and fair Romania for all its citizens. It will be a Liberal, open party, pro-European, a party that will come up with solutions for those exposed to poverty who cannot face the increase in food, energy, fuel, transport prices, but also with a plan for entrepreneurs, for those who create or develop a business in Romania. It will also be a party for which equality of gender and opportunities will be a rule. A party for which the rule of law is not negotiable. A party that understands and supports children and young people, but that also thinks of programmes for seniors to have an active and dignified life,” said REPER co-chairpersons, MEPs Ramona Strugariu and Dragos Pislaru, according to a press release sent to AGERPRES.

According to them, REPER is, at the same time, “a party that focuses on concrete solutions for education, health and the environment, on a more efficient and responsible administration,” as well as “a party for both Romanians who stayed home and those who were forced to go abroad,” “a party with long-term solutions for Romanian farmers.”


Photo: Facebook/Ramona Strugariu

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