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August 9, 2022

Bolos: I don’t think Romania can afford the luxury of facing political instability

Minister of European Investment and Projects Marcel Bolos told a news conference on Thursday that the incumbent ruling coalition ensures political and decision-making stability and that Romania cannot afford to face instability.

When asked about the possibility of the current ruling coalition breaking up, Bolos answered that he does not believe that the Social Democratic Party (PSD) will pull out of ruling.

“Let’s not forget that if political instability is added in times of crisis, I don’t see how Romania could have a natural course of things. Moreover, having such a huge investment budget of 80 billion euros, all that Romania is missing is facing political instability, being unable to take the necessary decisions so that investment can be implemented. Romania in 2026 or 2029, after this money and the investment made with the money are implemented, should look completely different,” said Bolos.

He added that “Romania’s political and decision-making stability is a well-earned asset today.”

“I don’t think that Romania can afford the luxury of facing political instability given that there are crises upon crises that have to be solved and decisions to be made. Look at the energy crisis, then the pandemic crisis, then the war crisis. Every day you have to be very careful so that you, as a government, adjust your decisions for the type of crisis you are facing. I don’t see an alternative today to Romania’s incumbent government,” said Bolos, according to Agerpres.

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