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October 2, 2022

Cadariu: Woman Entrepreneur Program, to be launched on Thursday, 36.84 pct of entrepreneurs are women

The Woman Entrepreneur Program will be launched on Thursday, and one of the main objectives is that of stimulating and supporting private economic structures founded and led by women, said Minister of Entrepreneurship and Tourism (MAT) Constantin-Daniel Cadariu on Tuesday.

“With this occasion we wish to symbolically mark the launch of the third program within the 13-program package drawn up by the Ministry, in order to support and develop the business environment in Romania. As you know, almost one month ago, on July 19, we launched the first two Start-up Nation and the Start-up programs dedicated to Romanians in the diaspora, and this week, on Thursday, on the August 18, starting with 10:00, we will launch the Woman Entrepreneur Program, the third one opened this year. As a basic characteristic of this program, among others, it contributes to meeting one of the OCDE [Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development]’s standards and here I am referring to gender equality in the entrepreneurial environment,” Constantin-Daniel Cadariu told a press conference.

He highlighted that the program itself is a personalized measure for ensuring access to financing for this category of entrepreneurs, given that only 36.8 percent of entrepreneurs are women.

On the other hand he also said that “points will no longer be awarded for the so-called business launch”.

“During the other two programs an additional score was received if the applicant was at his or her first company founded in Romania. Furthermore, this program meets another target, namely a new insertion on the labor market, especially regarding vulnerable categories, whether we are talking about the unemployed, people with disabilities, or people generally disadvantaged, socially assisted and so on. The fourth essential measure is that within this program we will no longer grant points for the existence of a patent, like the first two programs, but we will only score the right to industrial property, namely to the extent that the company or associate has a brand, a logo registered under the State Office for Inventions and Trademarks (OSIM), it will receive an additional score,” the Minister explained, according to Agerpres.

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