Indictment of ‘Revolution’ case file: There is no relevant evidence of the existence of terrorists in December 1989

Prosecutors with the General Prosecutor’s Office, after analysing the evidence from the “Revolution” file, concluded that “there is no relevant evidence of the existence of terrorists in December 1989”, adding that their presence was not proven in any of the “thousands of files” prosecuted over time.

“By corroboration with the other evidence in the file, the conclusion is the same. After December 22, 1989 – 16:00 hrs, the fratricidal fire caused deaths and injuries. There is no evidence to prove that there were terrorists between December 22-30, 1989 or any other force to conduct actions hostile to the revolution and the revolutionaries. The analysis of all the statements of witnesses and injured persons (thousands of statements) regarding the period 22-30 December 1989 reveals that many of those interviewed (military and civilians) reported that during that period they had fought, in one form or another, with ‘terrorists’. However, the logical and honest analysis of the entire evidence of the case file reveals that, under the influence of Securitate [secret police – ed.n.]-terrorist psychosis, these people have erroneously assessed the concrete situations in which they found themselves. The reality is that there is no relevant evidence of the existence of terrorists in December 1989,” the indictment sent to the court states.

In order to get a clearer picture of the state of things in the period December 22-30, 1989, the summary of the aspects resulting from the investigations carried out by the military prosecutor’s offices, 1990 to 1994, in the case files regarding the events of December 1989, drawn up by the Military Prosecutor’s Office was also administered as evidence, the investigators show.

“This analysis pertinently establishes that the Securitate-terrorist psychosis and the fratricidal fire were the causes of the deaths and injuries from December 22-30, 1989. The persons who generated and maintained the psychosis were not indicated (the material was drawn up in 1994, when precisely those who should have been held responsible for the misleading were in power), but it was argued without doubt that the psychosis was generated and amplified by the people who had televised interventions and who issued statements. The summary was based on the thorough analysis of of a number of 2,317 criminal cases related to the killing or injuring of some people. The retained state of affairs are of major importance, especially since the investigations were conducted a relatively short time after the events unfolded. Moreover, the summary established unequivocally that in December 1989 there were no terrorists. Their existence was not proven in any of the thousands of case files prosecuted over time,” the prosecutors further mention.

The Prosecutor’s Office attached to the High Court of Cassation and Justice published, on Tuesday, on the institution’s website, the indictment from the “Revolution” case file.

“The Romanian revolution of December 1989 is a moment of utmost importance for national history. Considering the major interest of the thousands of injured persons and civil parties in case file 11/P/2014, to be correctly informed about the content of the indictment, as well as the public interest in relation to the circumstances established by the evidence for prosecution, volume 1 of the indictment is published on the website of the Public Ministry,” the General Prosecutor’s Office informed on its Facebook page.

Prosecutor General Gabriela Scutea announced, on August 3, the resending to the Supreme Court of the Revolution case file, in which former President Ion Iliescu, former Deputy Prime Minister Gelu Voican Voiculescu and Iosif Rus, former head of the Military Aviation, are accused of committing crimes against humanity.

Initially, the file was sent to the Supreme Court on April 2019, but the judges returned it to the Military Prosecutor’s Office so that several issues in the indictment could be addressed, Agerpres informs.

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