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September 28, 2022

Budai: Labor Ministry to supplement budget for hiring unemployed aged over 45, apprentices

The Ministry of Labor and Social Protection will supplement the funds for hiring unemployed over 45 years of age, apprentices, unemployed sole breadwinners or long-term unemployed, Labor Minister Marius Budai declared for AGERPRES on Wednesday.

According to him, following the budget revision, the Ministry’s “Social Assistance” chapter was increased by 400 million RON, so that employers will be able to conclude new agreements for the employment of vulnerable social categories.

“The budget revision provides additional money to conclude new conventions. The Social Democratic Party wants to support the business environment, to keep the jobs in the system, but also to create other jobs. We support the business environment, so that they can qualify their personnel on the job, through apprenticeship,” said Budai.

Employers who hire, for an indefinite period, unemployed aged over 45, unemployed sole breadwinners or long-term unemployed receive a monthly amount of 2,250 RON for a period of 12 months for each person employed, provided that they keep the respective worker in the job for at least 18 months, under the conditions provided by Art. 85 of Law 76/2002 on the unemployment security system and the stimulation of workforce employment, with subsequent amendments and additions.

Also, the state subsidizes labor costs for the employment of disabled persons, for the hiring of unemployed who, within five years of employment, meet the requirements for early retirement or full service retirement, if they do not meet the conditions to apply for early retirement.

Also, the MMPS budget subsidizes the employer who concludes apprenticeship contracts at the workplace, with an amount equal to 60% of the reference unemployment security social indicator for each apprentice employed under an apprenticeship contract.

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