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September 30, 2022

LEADERS Foundation, excellence in identifying and developing the leadership potential of Romanian high school students, college students, and young professionals

LEADERS Foundation is an organization that develops and aids individuals with strong and healthy moral beliefs in becoming the kind of responsible leaders that Romania needs, ones who can help make the country better at all levels.

For the past 22 years, LEADERS Foundation has helped reshape Romania through leadership programs tailored to the needs and realities of our country’s youth. More than 36.000 young people have been selected and trained through the LEADERS programs, both in online and offline settings.

The Foundation’s mission is to unlock the potential of young people and train visionary, responsible, courageous and fearless leaders through practical leadership programs suitable for each stage of their development.

”In line with our mission to be an active factor of change in Romanian society, we identify individuals with potential and guide them toward becoming responsible leaders. We are Romania’s most significant resource of leadership skills for young people, and those we train through our programs are the confirmation of this. At LEADERS, it’s all about vision and inspiration, persistence, continuity and adaptation, innovation, experience and education, partnerships, role models, unity, togetherness, leadership. The past few years have brought many challenges that we have faced through the solutions we have found in our team and together with our partners, our friends, to whom we are grateful for their trust in us as we continue the programs we have already established or develop new leadership initiatives”, believes Alexandru Gorun, President of the LEADERS Foundation.

The educational programs and experiences we offer for pupils, students and young professionals are developed based on a local leadership model and tailor – made to the realities of Romania. The collaborative leadership paradigm put out by the LEADERS Foundation sits at the intersection of three crucial axes: purpose, collaboration, and strategic thinking.

The Search For Purpose is a key component in the leadership model promoted by LEADERS, which believes in authentic leadership, manifested in any field and independent of hierarchical level. Collaboration has an essential place in this model, because it recognizes the value of human connection, communication, and empathy. Systemic thinking focuses on how all economic, political, and social aspects are interrelated, and how each one’s actions have a ripple effect on other systems.

”The core competence of leaders is adaptability, which has been consistently cultivated by the constant  change in the lives of all those involved in the creation and execution of our initiatives and programs, including partners, beneficiaries, and colleagues. We work for and with young people from all over Romania to create leadership experiences that we have adapted to the unpredictable circumstances and, thus, we have contributed to a generation of responsible leaders, trained for change and able to identify solutions” says Beatrice Alexandrescu, General Director of LEADERS Foundation.


LEADERS Foundation in Numbers


The impact on society serves as a measure of performance, and in this regard, over the course of its 22-year history, LEADERS has graduated 36,000 people into leadership programs, invited 625 Romanian leaders to speak, partnered with 171 businesses across more than 30 industries, arrived in 75 communities, both urban and rural, and conducted 60 custom projects for partner organizations.


Core Leadership Abilities. Innovation in Approach and Concepts


By adapting content to local reality and culture, LEADERS programs create platforms for dialogue, exploration, vocational and self-discovery for young people with leadership potential who connect with other peers for training sessions with specialists and meetings with leaders they also admire. These sessions focus on developing essential skills for the twenty-first century.

The LEADERS Foundation has established the greatest network of young leaders in Romania and draws thousands of youth to its programs each year.

”The impact we witness in each graduate’s life gives us confidence and supports our leadership model, which we use to shape learning experiences to the context and times we live in. We must have faith in ourselves, in the power of setting an example, in leadership models, and in the young people who stand for Romania’s future”, adds Beatrice Alexandrescu, General Director of LEADERS Foundation.

The year 2021 marked a brand-new approach by outlining the set of competencies taught through each of the organization’s leadership programs. By defining this framework, each beneficiary has the opportunity to follow the training of specific skills in each experience. With the addition of this new component, LEADERS became the first organization in Romania to provide leadership programs that emphasize developing abilities like critical thinking, self-leadership, and psychological resilience, to name a few of the most prominent ones.

LEADERS brings engineers, architects, doctors, economists, artists or lawyers in front of young people in need of guidance. In every program it undertakes, the Foundation incorporates its belief in performance through diversity, rooted in Romanian reality.


LEADERS Explore, Experience, Challenge


LEADERS Explore is a personal leadership and self-discovery program, carried out over the course of 3-6 months for high-schoolers and  2 months for college students. Participants from all over the country have the chance to discover and develop their potential, experience teamwork and identify their career path,  in an online or in person experience. The program includes career guidance for high school pupils or introspective sessions for current students and recent graduates, as well as training sessions, inspirational content, a “human library” and community projects.

Leaders Explore© is the winning program in the “Best CSR Project” section at the Civil Society Gala and won 2nd place in the “Community Projects” section at the CSR Awards.

LEADERS Experience is a 6-month personal leadership program designed for motivated young people who seek more from both themselves and those around them. This program’s curriculum includes coaching sessions, leadership simulations, training, inspirational meetings, and the development of a community project. Young people have the chance to interact with the speakers, coaches, and leaders who are present at the bootcamps, as well as with entrepreneurs who are running teams of hundreds or thousands of people, civil society leaders, changemakers, artists, or professional athletes.

LEADERS Challenge is the third pillar of the Foundation’s programs, geared toward professionals with two to five years of experience in managing teams, projects, or organizations. Several young adults from various businesses and fields engage in this program, where they can interact and learn from one another.


Custom Projects


Custom-made programs for organizations are an important direction for LEADERS, which provides education, training, talent identification and project management skills.

Custom projects serve as a bridge between businesses with internal or external educational needs and initiatives and LEADERS’ competence in developing and overseeing curricula for educational programs. As a result, the organization offers project management services, training, management of the human resources participating in the project, or participant recruitment to its partners.


Community Projects


Through the social projects developed within the LEADERS Explore or LEADERS Experience programs, young people reshape communities. Participants learn how to give back to their local community, work as a team, and engage with real-world issues through social initiatives. Teams of young people are created, and they work together for three to five weeks to develop and carry out a social project that will enable them to improve the area in which they live.


Planning for the Future


High school students and college students are the focal point of LEADERS activities. The team is constantly working to improve the programs, enhance and enrich the experiences for these young people as a part of their high-performance training. This is done through the use of relevant content, models that are adapted to the realities of the times we live in, and the participation of strong leaders, speakers, and mentors.

While aiming to preserve and strengthen existing partnerships, LEADERS continues efforts to identify and attract new partners to reach as many young people as possible. In order to identify and train young people with potential, interested in growing into authentic leaders, with specialized skills for a position that they can fully assume in life, the foundation works in partnership with organizations that it has gained the trust of.

LEADERS Digital is a project that was launched in 2020 and solidified in 2021 after the team adopted it as their working style and took advantage of the opportunity presented by the shift of activities online. The entire curriculum will be converted into videos that can be seen on an interactive platform with space for hands-on activities and community-level interactions as LEADERS gets ready to debut its 100% digital course of the programs this year.


2021 Activity Report


The LEADERS Foundation has recently published the Activity Report for 2021, which presents the programs carried out last year, the number of young people trained and the fields of activity addressed, the organization’s partners, the results recorded, all of which can be accessed here.

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