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September 28, 2022

Energy Minister Popescu: Romania will not have problems with electricity or natural gas this winter

The targets for filling the natural gas storage facilities have been exceeded in Romania and there will be no problems with electricity or natural gas this winter, Energy Minister Virgil Popescu said on Wednesday at a news briefing following a government sitting.

“We have quickened up the pace and we have practically exceeded the targets we undertook for filling the natural gas storage facilities. (…) Today, you can notice that we have exceeded 70% of the filling level of the storage facilities. Practically, Romania has over 2.14 billion cubic metres in natural gas storage facilities. We are moving at a higher pace, we are not stopping the storage and we hope to exceed the 80% target on November 1, as committed to and approved by regulation in the Council of Ministers on July 26, if I’m not mistaken,” said Popescu.

He pointed out that the stockpiles were inventoried so that Romania may be able to get through winter well, and the Oltenia Energy Complex is on schedule with the coal stockpiles, voicing hope that the drought will not affect hydropower production too much.

“It will have a higher production of about 900,000 tonnes of coal this year, which will also bring it additional electricity production. We rely on the Oltenia Energy Complex for additional electricity production, and the demand is met for coal-fired plants for this winter in the short term is, higher than last year.(…) We hope that this drought will not affect hydro production as much, but we are prepared, as I said, with coal-based to solve some possible problems with the drought. Romania will not have problems with electricity or natural gas this winter, and that’s what I wanted to express from the government table,” said the energy minister, according to Agerpres.

He added that he presented to the government and sent to the prime minister the entire investment plan that the Ministry of Energy has been implementing.


Prosumer numbers up to a few tens of thousands


The quality of prosumer has been amended, which made the number of prosumers increase from a few hundred at the end of last year to several tens of thousands at this moment, Minister of Energy Virgil Popescu said on Wednesday, at a briefing at the end of the Government meeting.

“We started last year with the modification of the energy policy. Basically, we changed the quality of prosumer. The prosumer, I repeat, is that consumer who uses his electricity, produces electricity for his own consumption. We raised the level to 200 kilowatts of electricity production for own consumption and the quantitative compensation of the electricity produced with the electricity consumed, of the surplus, so that the prosumer can take it back, consume it in winter, when less solar energy is produced. I can tell you that the number of prosumers practically increased from a few hundred at the end of last year, when the law came into force, to several tens of thousands at this moment. And it is an increase at an accelerated rate,” said Virgil Popescu.

He emphasised that, currently, including at the new constructions that are being built it is considered the requirement to install photovoltaic panels on roofs, in the residential blocks, in SMEs, in production buildings, production halls, so as to reduce the cost of electricity for both citizens and industry.

He also said that at the beginning of this year, more than 1.5 billion euro worth of funds were approved through the Modernisation Fund, and about to be signed are the financing contracts with Transelectrica, worth 470 million euros, for projects on enlarging and strengthening the electricity transmission, “because, yes, we want to put more energy into the system, but this must also be taken over.”


Photo: www.gov.ro

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