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October 1, 2022

How to help your employees achieve a better work-life balance?

We all know that the work-life balance comes with a combination of factors that include more than just your work schedule or the number of hours you spend doing your job every day. And, more recently, workplace activity and performance have been increasingly emphasised, especially when looking at discussions about the work environment. This balance, on the other hand, is heavily influenced by the employee’s quality of life, or their physical, mental, and social well-being.

As a result, businesses from various industries and fields want to contribute effectively to the development of solutions used to assist employees in achieving a balance between their personal and professional lives. Therefore, managers are now constantly looking to find and make available various programs and facilities for their employees. This is even more important when taking into account that employees constantly face challenges that arise both at work and in their personal lives. A good manager will recognise these factors, consider them, and create a work environment in which they are valued.

So, how can this balance be encouraged, and what kinds of activities can create it and help support it long-term? If this is what you strive to offer your employees, you can find below a set of recommendations to assist you in achieving this balance within your organisation.


Time management courses


Stress is the first factor that employers should consider. Due to time management issues, many employees end up feeling stressed and performing their tasks under pressure. That is why it’s so essential employers provide them with tools or courses that teach them how to prioritize their tasks and use their time effectively so that they can work efficiently without putting themselves under stress. Furthermore, any type of feedback and open discussion with employees about time and task management issues should be nurtured and encouraged.


Opportunities for personal and professional development


Employees value development opportunities, but managers should also consider how these trainings are organized. Why? Because it is important that they focus on the needs of their respective teams, not just come up with generic solutions. Besides, in addition to trainings for professional development, helping employees in their personal development means they can learn methods for successful emotion management, relationships, assertive communication, and so on which, in turn, can help them in their work.


Access to wellness and fitness programs


Encouragement of physical activities such as fitness, meditation, and team sports, demonstrates that the company values the physical and emotional health of its employees. As a result of promoting a healthy lifestyle, people in the team have more energy and are less likely to develop health problems, because a healthy body means a healthy mind!


Benefits that employees love


According to recent research, reading can improve anyone’s life in a variety of ways. One of the most significant advantages is that it reduces stress levels. Reading a good story or poem can help employees disconnect or inspire themselves to be more creative. Thus, a Bookster subscription provides employees with access to the platform’s more than 120,000 volumes. Employees can enjoy books and articles from a variety of fields by using a service like Bookster, the first modern platform that brings books closer to people. They receive personalized reading recommendations, can borrow up to 5 books at once based on the company subscription, and have them delivered weekly to the office. Currently, over 1,000 Romanian companies offer their employees access to Bookster, which is their most beloved benefit.


Hobbies should be encouraged


Another important aspect to think about is activities that promote self-expression, such as emotional expression, the expression of extra-professional talents and hobbies, and so on. Hobbies, as we all know, are an important and relaxing part of anyone’s life. Employees will be able to relax and be happier if you support their extracurricular activities. They also allow employees to create, communicate, “play”, enjoy, and give.

As a result, a management team that is both results-oriented and people-oriented will always be on the lookout for new benefits to provide to their employees. When people feel understood and supported, they are more likely to provide commitment and involvement. Although there is no such thing as a predefined recipe, it is beneficial to create a suitable framework for each employee to discover and express what balance means to them, as well as how they want to achieve and maintain it.




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