Romanian programming team produces video game presenting European history

An educational video game conceived by a team of Romanian programmers and which presents the history of Europe along some key periods is well received by audiences, the developers of the game said.

“The Spirit of Europe – Origins” is the brainchild of Predict CSD Consulting, an Arad-based company specializing in the production of online educational content, and is intended to help with the teaching process in educational institutions where the history of Europe or European values are being taught, but also for internet users who simply want to improve their general culture.

The programming team developed the game in the last two years as part of the Erasmus+ project, together with their partners: the Arad-based Millenium Center Association, the Italian not for profit association Euro – Net, IDEC S.A. – a consultancy, high tech and training company based in Piraeus – Greece, and e-learning and e-business company Inercia Digital S.L. from Spain.

“The game presents the story of Europe through some key historical periods: Ancient Greece, the Roman Empire, the Migration of Peoples, the Viking Age, the Middle Ages and the Renaissance (…) Aiming to develop an immersive simulated environment, commonly known as a video game, where the player travels through the history of Europe, from its mythological beginnings to the present day, and actively participates in key events along the history timeline and the mythology that have shaped Europe of today, this approach connects participants with values, in addition to teaching them European history and mythology, culture and civilization,” the game creators state.

In order to access to the game, the participants can register and take an initial assessment consisting of a set of history-based questions, which they can access on the game’s website ( A final assessment will be possible after the completion of the game, but if they wish, the participants can enter the game directly, skipping the registration processes and the related evaluations.

The player receives missions that take him through various eras, camps or at the side of various combatants, in the pursuit of peace as an essential value.

“Some examples of the dozens of missions are: the development of Athenian democracy, Athens’s Golden Age, the Greek reforms in terms of leadership, the development of Rome, the creation of the favorable conditions for the establishment of the ‘Pax Romana’ (Roman Peace), the migrations of various tribes, the division of the Roman Empire, the reforms in the time of Charlemagne (also called Pater Europae), the preparation of the treaty later known as the Magna Carta, the exploration of the Hanseatic League as a precursor to the European Union, the development of trade and agriculture in Europe, the beginnings of the Renaissance – Dante, Boccaccio, Francis of Assisi, Thomas Aquinas, Petrarch and many others,” the cited source notes.


Via Agerpres

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