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September 26, 2022

Opposition parties request withdrawal of draft education laws

USR’s Mosteanu about Minister of Education Cimpeanu: It’s time for him to go

The spokesperson of Save Romania Union (USR), Ionut Mosteanu, believes that Sorin Cimpeanu (photo) should no longer hold the position of Minister of Education, after declaring that the issue of toilets in school yards should not be linked to the quality of education.

“The Minister of Education, Sorin Cimpeanu, informs us today that the existence of toilets in school yards is ‘an exaggerated problem’ and ‘the toilet in the yard has no connection with the quality of education’. According to a memorandum approved by the Government in 2020, 6,180 schools did not have in-school toilets. And 12,712 school buildings were not renovated. This should be the last contemptuous statement for our children by the Minister of Education. It’s time for him to go. ‘Educated Romania’, the laws of education, are nothing but the laws of plagiarists. (President) Iohannis and Cimpeanu are definitively burying education Romanian,” Mosteanu wrote on Facebook.

Also, USR encouraged, on Wednesday, the signing of a petition addressed to the President of Romania, demanding the dismissal of Minister Cimpeanu and the withdrawal of draft education laws.

Prime Minister Nicolae Ciuca asked, also on Wednesday, the local authorities and the Ministry of Education for a plan so that next year the problem of toilets in the school yard will be eliminated, adding that this represents “a stain on the image of the education system”.

The Minister of Education, Sorin Cimpeanu, told the Prime Minister that he is committed to presenting the plan earlier than the end of the year and stated that it is an important problem, but the quality of education should not be linked to the toilet in the yard.

“Since many of us have performed well studying in such schools, I think it is a proof, but it must be solved and it will be solved,” the Minister of Education said.


AUR requests PM to withdraw education bills on grounds that they could bury education for good


The Alliance for the Union of Romanians (AUR) requests Prime Minister Nicolae Ciuca to withdraw the education bills from the legislative circuit and make public the names of their authors, on the grounds that they contain provisions that are likely to “bury for good” the education system; AUR is also asking the Education Ministry to set up a politically independent technical commission tasked with developing a project to bring Romanian education back on track.

“The entire Romanian society has the right to know the names of those who, out of interest or incompetence, have put together such heavily controversial bills. These pieces of legislation are highly criticized by parents’ associations, education unions and prominent Romanian intellectuals. They contain provisions that are likely to bury for good the national education system, already seriously affected by the so-called endless reforms of the last decades. In addition, the bills are being promoted out of a strictly political interest aimed at helping politicians with plagiarized doctoral theses skirt accountability, and ensure an honorable finish for the failed presidential project ‘Educated Romania’. (…) At the same time, AUR is calling on the Education Ministry to set up a politically independent technical commission, inviting thereto the best Romanian education specialists, tasked with developing a project for the recovery of Romanian education,” AUR Chairman George Simion said on Wednesday, as cited in a release.

According to AUR, the substantive changes in such an important field must have the support of the largest part of those interested – parents, teachers, experts, business milieu – as well as a broad political, cross-party support, in order to be capable of conferring the education system the much needed stability and continuity, and this can only be achieved through real, “not simulated consultations, like those recently organized by the Education Ministry.”

In the opinion of AUR Senate floor leader Claudiu Tarziu, national education needs reform, but not to the effect of definitively destructuring it, but by getting it back on track to solid high performance, both for general and specialized education.

“The orientation towards a lower number of curriculum hours, lowering assessment standards and diluting fundamental subjects must be replaced by measures aimed at increasing the quality of education at all levels. Special attention must be paid to the continuous training of the teaching staff. Having well-motivated and professionally well-prepared teachers is an indispensable prerequisite for quality education,” Tarziu argues.


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