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September 30, 2022

PM Ciuca: Citizens will not be affected by changes made to ordinance regarding ceiling on electricity price

Prime Minister Nicolae Ciuca declared, in Craiova, on Monday, that citizens will not be affected by the changes made to the ordinance regarding the ceiling on the price of electricity, stating that the goal was to limit the waste of energy.

“The measures taken by the ordinance have a very clear objective: protecting the citizens and the economy. It was talked about, it was debated that the Romanians will be affected… It is not true. We have maintained the price that each citizen will pay, in accordance with the consumption on the thresholds established by Ordinance 27. And the second threshold, for which we have a cost of 0.80 lei/kWh, on the consumption segment between 100 and 300 kWh, remained the same, with the specification that in accordance with the EU recommendations, in order to diminish waste, that threshold of 15% of the number of kWh was lowered. Basically, people will pay the same with the specification that probably those who exceed 255 kWh, up to that level, will pay the amount of 0.80 lei/kWh. We kept the cap. It was also somewhat misunderstood for SMEs because it was interpreted as deducting that 15% from the amount of kWh they consume. We are talking about a 15% reduction in the compensation for the number of kWh compared to the similar of the month of the previous year. So it’s not about the current consumption, but the fact that, if last year they consumed 100 kWh, this year they will be compensated for 85 kWh. That is, it is a measure aimed at limiting the waste of energy, because otherwise we would no longer take into account how much we consume, because it is compensated by the state,” Ciuca said, according to Agerpres.

Asked if he is saving on energy consumption at home, Ciuca stated that he has both economic light bulbs and solar panels installed.


Photo: www.gov.ro

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