PSD’s Ciolacu: Minimum wage must be increased to 3,000 RON

Chairman of the Social Democratic Party (PSD) Marcel Ciolacu declared on Tuesday that the minimum wage must be increased to 3,000 RON considering the large number of Romanians in the private system who earn this income.

Ciolacu explained that he will submit this proposal, as well as the one to increase pensions by 10 percent in the governing coalition meeting.

“The important thing is that both parties have decided that we need to come up with additional income for both pensioners and, I hope, to have discussions with the business environment and to increase the minimum wage to 3,000 RON. This is only natural. A third of Romanians employed in the private sector fall under the minimum wage. We are talking about over 1.5 million Romanians. The need to increase the minimum wage is obvious. We are going with these proposals in the coalition and there we will see. There are certain proposals and we will discuss them in the coalition so that all the Romanians can overcome this crisis as easily as possible,” declared Marcel Ciolacu in Buzau.

The PSD leader emphasized that, by increasing the minimum wage and the pensions, the purchasing power of Romanians will increase and thus inflation could be offset.


Public services, churches, Metrorex must be included in ordinance on energy prices capping


Marcel Ciolacu announced on Tuesday that public services, churches and Metrorex must benefit from the capping and compensation of energy prices, for which he will propose, in the Parliament, the amendment of the ordinance approved by the Government.

“I am firmly convinced that we will make amendments and discussions in the coalition. The religious institutions, the churches were not caught, which is an error. I am firmly convinced that both my colleagues and colleagues from the coalition will complete the ordinance. Public services – again it was a major leak. It would lead to a progressive price increase in the price of water because most of the water comes through pumping. We have to see the impact at the Ministry of Finance. No matter how much the budget should bear, we cannot let it escalate of the prices for public services. It is also Metrorex that receives a subsidy from the Romanian state, through the Ministry of Transport, that is, we steal our own hat. The subsidy increases, it’s better for the state to intervene and see what it’s to be done with the price of energy,” said Marcel Ciolacu.

The Social Democratic Party (PSD) leader also gave the example of public transport services with trolleybuses and trams that must benefit from the provisions of the ordinance and emphasized that its amendment is a priority of the current parliamentary session.


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