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September 28, 2022

Carbunaru: Romania to advocate for unitary approach Europewide of natural gas, electricity supply

Spokesperson for the Romanian government Dan Carbunaru said on Thursday that Energy Minister Virgil Popescu will attend a meeting of the EU Energy Council in Brussels where he will advocate for “a unitary Europewide approach” to secure the supply of natural gas and electricity for all European citizens at a price “that can be paid.”

“The prime minister of Romania announced yesterday that today, during the government sitting, he will discuss the mandate with the Minister of Energy. I can offer you some parts without going into details, because no state presents its own elements before having completed negotiations, because we are dealing with a process based on consensus from a decision-making perspective in the EU Energy Council. Since we need to have predictability and transparency, I can tell you that Minister Virgil Popescu, as the representative of the government of Romania in the EU Energy Council, will advocate for a unitary approach at the European level, so that the supply of gas and electricity may be secured for all European citizens, including Romanian citizens, at a price that can be paid,” Carbunaru told a news conference at the Government House.

He added that the government will support the need to combat price gouging and unjustified price fluctuations.


Romania is ready to manage its need for supply with gas, electricity


The Government’s spokesman, Dan Carbunaru, on Thursday stated that Romania is ready to manage its need for gas and electricity supply.

He told a press conference held at the Victoria Palace, in relation to the technical problems at Romgaz, due to which approximately one million cubic metres of the already stored gas will be taken over, that this will not threaten the Government’s plans when it comes to ensuring gas for the population and large consumers during the winter.

“Romania is prepared to manage its need for gas and electricity, but we are now talking only about gas. As you well know, Romania’s natural gas stocks already exceed the stocks we had in the same period last year. We already have 76% of these stocks available, which means more than 2 billion cubic metres. This specific matter that you are referring to, which involves one million cubic metres, and which concerns a period limited to a few days, because that verification that Romgaz is currently carrying out, which required for the quantity to be taken over from one of the warehouses, will not only be solved in terms repairs, because it is a thermal engine, I understand, but also, later, by compensating that quantity that will return to the Romgaz storage facilities,” mentioned Carbunaru.

He added that from March until now Romania’s gas deposits have increased and will continue to increase.

“This shows and confirms that, compared to other European states that are affected by natural gas supply fluctuations, Romania is safe, having 90% of the internal need covered by its own production. This can also be seen in the way in which stocks are prepared for winter, but also in our ability to assure the citizens and Romania that there is gas,” stated Carbunaru.


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