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September 28, 2022

PM Ciuca: We have a hard winter ahead and we must prepare for it; it won’t be easy

Prime Minister Nicolae Ciuca told the people who came to Tebea on Sunday to commemorate national hero Avram Iancu, that we are going through a period of uncertainty and insecurity and we have a hard winter ahead of us, for which we must prepare with wisdom and responsibility.

“Unfortunately, we are going through a period of uncertainty and insecurity. People have many fears and are rightly worried about what tomorrow has in store for them. We have a war not far from Romania’s borders, and we have a series of negative effects of this war that we feel in our daily lives. We have a hard winter ahead of us for which we must prepare with wisdom, balance and responsibility. It will not be easy, but Romania will manage to overcome all these difficulties, because we are prepared for any scenario. At the same time we are not alone. We are in NATO and the EU. Together with our reliable partners, Romania is a point of stability among the Balkan nations because we promote and protect fundamental rights and freedoms, the values of democracy and the rule of law .. (…) Only now have we seen that the war of aggression can rekindle in Europe. We have all understood that our belonging to the Western world actually means protecting our nation and our national identity,” he stated in Tebea.

In the context in which members of the AUR (Alliance for the Union of Romanians) party were also present at the meeting in Tebea, and they were demonstrating loudly, the head of the Executive mentioned the “silent majority” of Romanians, who are “rarely talked about from the rostrum of power.”

“I learned from Avram Iancu that true patriotism aims to achieve social peace and economic well-being, but these are not possible in the absence of human dignity and individual freedom, in the absence of tolerance, dialogue and transparency in decision-making. A strong nation is one that relies on some values, which stand for its national identity. These values are shared by most of the citizens, they are shared by that silent majority, which is rarely spoken about from the rostrum of power (…). Our national identity is a European one, because the Romanian nation is a European nation (…) 150 years after his death, we should all ask ourselves what Avram Iancu would feel and do if he were alive today. And I don’t think he would be disappointed. On the contrary, I have this conviction that he would be happy to see Transylvania united with Romania and Moldova and that he would do everything in his power to save his nation and to protect it from those who want to harm it,” underscored Nicolae Ciuca, according to Agerpres.


Photo: www.gov.ro



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