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September 28, 2022

Romanian Academy to have new auditorium in three years

The Romanian Academy will have a new auditorium in three years, after the signing, on Wednesday, by the president of the forum, Ioan-Aurel Pop, and the president of the National Investment Company, Manuela Irina Patrascoiu, of the rehabilitation, consolidation and expansion contract for the institution’s headquarters.

“For 125 years nothing has been built, strictly related to the Academy. And now, after efforts started by our predecessors, not us, very laborious efforts, (…) through the National Investment Company, we managed to get financing for a new auditorium of the Romanian Academy, with everything necessary around it. The auditorium will be placed in this courtyard and will not disturb at all the appearance of this extraordinarily beautiful complex, which is both architectural and natural. There is a dendrological park in the courtyard of the Academy,” said Ioan-Aurel Pop.

The Minister of Development, Public Works and Administration, Attila-Zoltan Cseke, declared that, through this investment, 125 years after the inauguration of the Academy’s current headquarters, “something is added for future generations”.

“From schools to hospitals and from sports halls to stadiums, I have inaugurated and signed many investments during this period, but let me tell you that, besides the nursery construction program, which remains my close-to-heart program, such types of investments, such as the one here at the Romanian Academy, mean much more than the modernization of an infrastructure. (…) I believe that our obligation, of all of us, of those who are temporarily in public positions, is to preserve everything that we have received from our predecessors, from previous generations. I am glad that in the present case it is about much more. It is not only about a rehabilitation, to keep what we have received in these 125 years. It is about adding something for future generations,” said Cseke Attila, according to Agerpres.

The minister gave assurances that “the necessary funding for this investment will be provided in the budget of the Ministry of Development”.

“This investment will go ahead. I wish that we will be healthy in three years, when you have a new auditorium of the Romanian Academy and you will also have a museum of the Academy,” concluded Attila-Zoltan Cseke.

According to the president of the National Investment Company, Manuela Irina Patrascoiu, the investment will be made by “an association of Romanian companies”.

The project to rehabilitate, consolidate, modernize, expand and equip the historical headquarters of the Romanian Academy and build a new auditorium was included in the year 2020 in the National Program for Constructions of Public or Social Interest, the Subprogram “Other objectives of public interest or social in the field of construction”, and approved by the Government of Romania by Decision no. 1232/2021 of November 17, 2021. In February 2022, the National Investment Company launched the public procurement procedure for the award of works.

The investment, which, according to the Academy, has a total value of approximately 125 million lei, will lead to the implementation of three components.

A first objective is the transformation into a museum of the historical headquarters of the Romanian Academy, dating from the end of the 19th century and registered in 2015 in the category of Historical Monuments by the Ministry of Culture, through the National Institute of Heritage.

A second component is the construction of a new auditorium of the Romanian Academy, with an area of 8,500 square meters, which will house the 14 sections of the Academy, the administrative headquarters, meeting rooms and protocol spaces.

The third direction is represented by the rehabilitation and re-functionalization of the “Moxa” building, as part of the administrative headquarters.

Upon completion of the project, the three buildings that will make up the headquarters of the Romanian Academy will have a total constructed area of 14,600 square meters. The estimated duration of the project is 36 months, of which 6 months are intended for the design stage.

The Romanian Academy participates in this project with a contribution of 833,000 lei.


Photo: Facebook/Ministerul Dezvoltarii

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