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September 28, 2022

PM Ciuca: We will submit second request for payment under Recovery and Resilience Plan to EC in October

The government must continue to support “very seriously”, at the level of each ministry, the fulfillment of the targets and milestones undertaken under the National Recovery and Resilience Plan, with the second request for payment to be sent to the European Commission in October, Prime Minister Nicolae Ciuca stated on Friday.

He thanked the President of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, for the favourable opinion issued on Thursday on Romania’s first financing request under the PNRR, worth 2.6 billion euros.

“This positive approval of the first payment request is due to the fact that we managed to meet the goals and milestones that were in the list of objectives.This is what the government needs to do in the next period as well, in a very serious manner. There are objectives and tasks that we have discussed every time and we will continue to discuss them in this process of meeting milestones and targets, and each ministry is responsible for meeting them. We are also considering to submit our second request for payment in October, to make sure that we have met the requirements in terms of the coherence of the application of the National Recovery and Resilience Plan. It is very important to talk about these topics and it is very important to keep the government agenda at the level of each ministry separately on the list of priorities with these objectives,” Ciuca underscored, at the beginning of the Government meeting.


There is a possibility we increase minimum salary, pension as of 2023


Prime Minister Nicolae Ciuca also stated on Friday that there is a possibility that the minimum salary and the pension will increase from 2023, noting that there is political will in this regard, but the data will be made public after the budget projection for next year.

“We have explained this from the beginning that we must take care to align ourselves with this decision. There is a possibility that starting in 2023, as we have discussed in the coalition and we have stated every time, we will support the increase of the minimum salary and, of course, of the pensions, only that these data, for this is the normal and responsible thing to do, will be made public after we have the budget projection for the year 2023,” said Ciuca, when asked about Romania’s alignment with the European Parliament’s decision regarding the minimum salary.

He said that there is political will, both from the PNL (National Liberal Party) and from the PSD (Social Democratic Party), for the minimum salary and pension to increase in 2023.

Regarding the possibility of granting 50 euro vouchers at the beginning of 2023 as well, the PM showed that it is possible to take similar measures next year, depending on the evolution of the situation and the available funds.

“Depending on the evolution of the situation and the funds at our disposal, on the one hand, we must cover the growth rate of inflation, on the other hand, also depending on the concrete situation and the evolution of inflation and the economy, as we have done this year – and we have already taken two measures to ensure vulnerable citizens, with low salaries, with low pensions, this financial support, the first in the first half of the year, the second in the second half of the year – let’s think and we are taking similar measures next year as well,” stated Nicolae Ciuca, according to Agerpres.


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