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October 2, 2022

USR launches anti-crisis package: Cut of VAT on energy, vouchers of 1,000 lei to help people with energy bills , zero taxes on minimum salary

The Save Romania Union (USR) launches the anti-crisis package in which it proposes, through two legislative initiatives submitted to Parliament, several measures, including the cut of VAT on energy from 19% to 5%, vouchers of 1,000 lei to help people with energy bills, the elimination of the excise tax for green certificates and the cogeneration tax on bills, as well as the gradual reduction of labour taxation.

“USR is launching today the anti-crisis package, a package consisting of several legislative initiatives that comes with solutions for this invoice crisis and the difficult situations in which many Romanians find themselves. We are in a context where the state has systematically failed to solve the invoice crisis in energy, we see chaos and continuous unpredictability, we see that we have among the highest energy prices in the entire European Union, we see a scheme that artificially increased prices and that has given Romanian domestic consumers and companies a hard time,” USR Deputy Cristina Pruna told a press conference at Parliament.

She said that, through the compensation and capping scheme that the Government came up with, household consumers receive bills that are three to four times higher than last year, and the state gave the companies a hard time because it removed the right of hundreds of thousands of companies to benefit from the price capping.

USR Deputy Claudiu Nasui said that USR is coming up with solutions, noting that it is not too late for the Government to take these measures that many countries in the European Union have already taken.

In this regard, USR proposes that the elimination from the electricity invoice of the excise duty for green certificates and the cogeneration tax and the reduction of the VAT rate, Nasui specified.

USR also proposes the state to grant 1,000 lei vouchers to help people with the energy bills, added Cristina Pruna, according to Agerpres.

According to Cristina Pruna, this voucher will also help to reduce waste, because people will see directly in the invoice how much aid is left for them.

USR also wants to encourage Romanians to produce their own energy, offering them the alternative of a 5,000 lei voucher for the installation of photovoltaic panels, she added.

Also, for the industry, USR proposes support for all companies, not only for SMEs, Pruna also said, mentioning in this regard the reduction of payment taxes to the state in the amount of 50% of the increase in energy and gas bills, reported in January 2022.

Another measure proposed by USR is the gradual reduction of labour taxation.

“We proposed the measure called zero taxes on the minimum wage, the minimum wage should not be taxed, all taxes should start from the minimum wage,” added Nasui, noting that the proposed project provides for this measure to be implemented gradually over 4 years.

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