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October 3, 2022

President Iohannis, at the UN in New York: Romania has supported and will continue to support Ukraine

President Klaus Iohannis declared, on Tuesday, at the UN General Assembly, that the war in Ukraine has global consequences and emphasized that Romania will continue to support this country.

“We are living in difficult times. Our predecessors, who adopted the Charter of the United Nations, were ‘determined to save succeeding generations from the calamity of war’. Nearly eight decades later, peace is still threatened, this time by new and troubling challenges – the worst since the end of the Second World War. We have been witnessing since February 24, the dramatic consequences of the illegal and unprovoked war launched by the Russian Federation, a permanent member of the Security Council, against Ukraine. We also are witnesses to exceptional solidarity from many countries, united in their support for Ukraine, a sovereign member of this Assembly and a victim of months of aggression against civilians, basic infrastructure and the economy. The consequences of this war are global and are not limited to our security. They involve flagrant violations of the norms and principles of international law, including of international humanitarian law and fundamental human rights, as well as global sustainable development,” said the head of state during the national intervention at the UN General Assembly.

Iohannis pointed out that all these should be major reasons for concern for all states, regardless of the distance they are from the conflict.

He emphasized that there is no justification for military aggression against a sovereign state and specified that democracy and universal human rights are legitimate aspirations for all mankind.

“Romania opened its borders and heart to all those who sought refuge from the war in Ukraine. Since the beginning of the conflict, more than 2.3 million Ukrainians have crossed our borders. Romania offered not only emergency assistance, but also medium and long-term support for those who decided to stay in our country, free access to education, medical services and the labor market. In addition, we provided direct humanitarian assistance and established a logistics hub for the coordination of international humanitarian assistance from all over the world. Our support will not stop there,” Iohannis said.


Capacity of Constanta Port must be improved, or at least adapted


The capacity of Constanta Port must be improved or at least adapted to the current conditions, President Klaus Iohannis said on Tuesday, at UNGA77, in New York, expressing his hope of maintaining the understanding regarding the transit of grain from Ukraine on the Black Sea.

“Things are connected to the logistic capacity and it is somewhat limited, the roads are the ones we know, the railways are the ones we know, and here the Government has already made an important investment to allow the bringing of train wagons on the broad-gauge railway, as in Ukraine, at our port. It is clear that the capacity of the Port of Constanta, which is the largest port for the export of grain from Ukraine, must be improved or at least adapted to the current conditions, but these things do not change from one month to the next. What what we have done so far was to facilitate as much as possible on the existing infrastructure, that is why we also welcomed the agreement facilitated by the UN Secretary General to allow the export of grain on the Black Sea directly from Ukraine. Things must be diversified, we continue to work on improving the logistics infrastructure in Romania, I hope that the agreement on Black Sea transit will be maintained (…) Ukraine is a first-rate supplier for global food,” the head of state said.


Romania submits candidacy for a seat in the Human Rights Council, for the 2023-2025 tenure


He added on Tuesday, that the UN Human Rights system must be strengthened and indicated that Romania submitted its candidacy for a seat in the Human Rights Council, for the 2023-2025 tenure.

“Romania’s solid contribution to various operations around the globe is proof of our commitment. We must ensure that, in line with the Action for Peacekeeping (A4P) initiative, UN peacekeeping missions become more effective and contribute to political solutions to resolve conflicts, placing human rights at the center of action. We also need firm action by the international community to protect and promote human rights. We must strengthen the UN Human Rights system and ensure sustainable and adequate funding for all its activities. We acknowledge the essential role played by civil society actors and human rights defenders in promoting and protecting human rights. Ensuring the proper functioning of democratic institutions, upholding the rule of law and guaranteeing fundamental rights and freedoms remain essential. Based on these firm beliefs, Romania has submitted its candidacy for a seat in the Human Rights Council, for the 2023-2025 tenure,” said President Iohannis in the national address at the UN General Assembly.

“The war against Ukraine has showed us that, in such conditions, the absence of war does not mean peace. Prolonged conflicts, such as those in the Black Sea region, must be managed without delay,” said the head of state.

Klaus Iohannis emphasized that public confidence in the effectiveness of multilateralism must be restored.

“Only together will we be able to identify and implement sustainable solutions to ensure global peace, prosperity, respect for human rights and the achievement of a healthy environment for future generations!,” concluded Iohannis.

President Klaus Iohannis leads the Romanian delegation that participates, on Tuesday and Wednesday, in New York, at the High-Level Week of the 77th session of the United Nations General Assembly. The head of state’s visit to the United States of America will also include a trip to San Francisco (California) on Thursday and Friday.


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