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November 29, 2022

Spyrosoft, 6 months in Romania: IT employees prefer to work remote and have flexible working hours

Spyrosoft Solutions, which was recognized as one of the Fastest growing technology companies in Europe for the second time in 2022, offers its team the opportunity to work remotely on demand, and flexible working hours, which has contributed to increasing employee satisfaction.

As a result, more than half of the new hires since the beginning of the pandemic came from the referral program. The work atmosphere, relevant for 84% of employees, but also job security or teamwork contribute to the high level of retention and recommendation reported by the company.

Present in Romania for 6 months, Spyrosoft has, globally, over 1,100 employees in the 18 offices in Europe, Asia, South America, and the USA. The office in Timișoara is opened most recently, and the company relies on the well-being policy, centred on the employee, to expand its team. Therefore, Spyrosoft employees do not have a fixed work schedule, nor are they required to come to the office every day.

Flexibility can be seen in Spyrosoft’s DNA, and what sets us apart from other companies is the way we manage to combine embedded and enterprise software development. We are not the only company in the world to do this, but we are among the few who do it at this level. This attribute extends to teams, and the pandemic has shown us that a flexible working hours schedule helps increase productivity and job satisfaction. Therefore, while many companies are considering a return to a full office work schedule, we leave it up to the teams to choose both where they want to work and the work schedule. Two weeks in the office and a month in Bali? Sure, we can work from anywhere, states Witold Leder – CEO of Spyrosoft Solutions.

According to an internal survey of the company, conducted in 8 countries and 14 Spyrosoft offices, 84% of employees appreciate the work environment and a similar percent (81%) consider that they are a part of a good team, in which they can grow professionally. Also, despite the flexibility of the schedule, 80% of employees believe they benefit from job stability.

Employee well-being is also Spyrosoft’s focus. The company offers a budget for personal or professional development, depending on their seniority. Also, to keep teams connected while maintaining work flexibility, the company relies on informal meetings to connect team members. The next informal event organized for the team in Timișoara will discuss the challenges of software development in the automotive industry, starting from the projects the local team is currently working on. Spyrosoft Learn & Chat -Automotive on the roof will take place on September 29 and is open to both current employees and IT community, with pre-registration on https://automotive-on-the-roof.konfeo.com.

By the end of the year, we aim to have a team of 100 IT specialists, and in the future, it will certainly continue to grow. Beyond the professional skills of the candidates, we appreciate team spirit, communication skills and that they are willing to take the initiative in the special projects we deliver for our clients around the world, adds Witold Leder.


About Spyrosoft


Spyrosoft is a software development company established in 2016 with the aim to bring together software development enthusiasts. It offers a full range of software development services – from embedded software and cloud systems that are customized every time to meet the needs and requirements of clients.

Spyrosoft Solutions has over 1100 employees in offices in Poland, UK, Germany, Croatia, Romania, USA, India, and Argentina.

The company offers full-fledged project management, where each solution is developed in collaboration with the client. Spyrosoft specialists manage project requirements, build software architecture, write, and build code, and maintain deployed systems.

The projects that are most often completed by Spyrosoft are those that combine software, embedded software, and high-level applications. They are implemented using the public cloud and next-generation technologies, including artificial intelligence, machine learning and mixed reality.





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