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September 28, 2022

MedTech startup XVision becomes Rayscape and announces a new strategic development direction

100 medical institutions in Central and Eastern Europe use the company’s services

XVision, the artificial intelligence algorithm-based medical platform that develops products to support radiologists in analyzing and interpreting medical images, is changing its brand identity to Rayscape.

With plans for global expansion, a significant number of partnerships with hospitals, clinics, and physicians across Europe, new imaging products for the oncology patient segment and a reiterated business purpose, the company’s vision and values are naturally reflected in the new brand identity: a ray of light finding its way through a sea of uncertain diagnoses.

“We began the XVision journey in 2018 with a clear purpose: to generate a positive impact in the world. Since then, we’ve strived to make the healthcare system smarter with technology, specifically by providing precise tools for medical image analysis. Now, to strengthen our position in the market, we have decided to come up with a new brand identity, meaning a new name, tagline, and visual identity. We have become Rayscape and our motto is Don’t miss a thing. See everything“, said Ștefan Iarca, CEO of Rayscape.

Rayscape products, which use artificial intelligence for image analysis, are currently used by 100 public and private institutions in Romania, Poland, Hungary, Slovakia, and Croatia. Among the customers are major private sector companies such as Regina Maria Private Health Network and Medlife Medical System, as well as public sector companies such as Spartanska Institute, Kopernik Hospital Lodz in Poland, and Semmelweis University in Hungary.

Rayscape will continue to add value by developing artificial intelligence algorithms dedicated to imaging analysis. The company keeps its two existing products dedicated to the analysis of chest X-rays and lung CT scans in its portfolio and is also planning to develop new products dedicated to oncology imaging. XVision has already started to enter the oncology area with the development of the lung CT product, which is able to detect, measure and follow the evolution of lung nodules, all of which are extremely important in the early detection and monitoring of lung cancer patients. Rayscape will continue this line of business, improving existing products and planning to develop new products that can be used to treat and monitor cancer patients.


About Rayscape


Rayscape, formerly known as XVision, is a comprehensive digital assistant for radiologists. Products developed under the Rayscape umbrella use artificial intelligence algorithms to assist radiologists in the analysis of medical images such as chest X-rays or lung CT scans. Rayscape, with the developed solutions, is taking a step forward to help radiologists become faster, better, and more accurate in imaging analysis.

More about Rayscape products on www.rayscape.ai.



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