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October 2, 2022

PG Scutea, at Public Ministry’s 2021 stocktaking report: Amendments made to justice laws between 2017-2019 are a major obstacle in DNA’s functioning

Prosecutor General Gabriela Scutea stated on Thursday that the National Anticorruption Directorate (DNA) continued last year to obtain good results in the investigation of high corruption cases, although the amendments made to the laws of justice between 2017-2019 represent a major obstacle to the proper functioning of this prosecution structure.

“Regarding Romania’s justice system, in the 2021 Report regarding the rule of law published on 20 June 2021, it was noted that the efficiency of the investigation and sanctioning of average and high corruption cases has improved, confirming the previous stocktaking report. The National Anticorrution Directorate obtained better results, although the amendments brought to justice laws between 2017 and 2019 continue to represent a major obstacle to its proper functioning, thus, the codes need to be changed. There will be higher obstacles and legal insecurity in the anti-corruption fight if solid legislative and strategic solutions cannot be found for the decisions of the Constitutional Court,” Scutea said at the presentation of the Public Ministry’s 2021 stocktaking report.

The Prosecutor General explained that, from the data on corruption crimes, a repeated curve of increase/decrease arises regarding the number of people sent to court, but in 2021 the number of people sent to court by the DNA increased, while at non-relevant prosecutor’s offices a significant decrease in activity was recorded.


JustMin Predoiu: Citizens expect professionalism, seriousness, integrity and public decency from prosecutors


Citizens expect professionalism, seriousness, integrity and public decency from prosecutors, Justice Minister Catalin Predoiu said on Thursday, at the Public Ministry’s 2021 stocktaking report.

“I believe that this is what everyone expects from us and I think that it is the most important thing, self-assessment is beyond any parameter and assessment, in the mirror in which we look at ourselves every evening or morning, telling ourselves if we were able to do everything that needed to be done in a given context,” Predoiu said.

Regarding the amendment drafts of the justice laws, he mentioned that the Ministry didn’t notify the Executive until the solutions of the draft were also “embraced” by the Public Ministry, in general, through its representatives.

“These days, Parliament is debating the justice draft laws. (…) Despite the intention processes that were made to the ministry when this demarche was initiated, we never closed the dialogue with the Public Ministry, with the management of the prosecutor’s offices, including the relevant prosecutor’s offices. We didn’t go to notifying the Government until making sure that, at least in the initial proposals, but I say we passed this margin of the essential proposals, the solutions in the draft were embraced by the Public Ministry, in general, through its representatives, without claiming that these solutions satisfy each of you. It’s hard to develop this type of draft, I don’t think it’s possible, but when we drew up these drafts, we aimed and, I believe we reached our goals, to ensure the prosecutor’s independence, to ensure the framework to continue the fight against corruption and against organised crime, to ensure the premises for an act of justice which has quality and efficiency, in general, to bring more coherence to the Public Ministry, more responsibility for the leadership of the Public Ministry, because additional tasks also mean additional responsibility, and why not, more discipline, procedural rigor, respect for guarantees and human rights must be – and I know it is – for the management of the Public Ministry, the prosecutor’s offices and – I hope – for each prosecutor, a condition of functioning, of exercising the profession,” Predoiu stated, according to Agerpres.


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