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November 30, 2022

Perhaps you’ve got some lessons we could use, President Iohannis tells Romanian entrepreneurs in Silicon Valley

Perhaps you have some lessons that would use us, surely there are some areas where you can tell us how you think it would have been good for things to work in Romania,” President Klaus Iohannis said on Friday at a meeting with Romanian entrepreneurs in Silicon Valley.

“I have only one objective with my visit to the West Coast: to meet people from the Romanian community. I have no political objectives here, nor have I set out to enter into bilateral relations, that is what we do more on the East Coast. (…) I wanted to meet with businessmen, research people from the Romanian community to listen to you. I don’t have any lessons to give you, but perhaps you have some lessons that would use us. You are (…) successful people and I am really interested in knowing what should happen so that this success of yours has happened in Romania or happened to others in Romania. I do not want in any way to question your motivations for leaving Romania, but surely there are some areas where you can tell us how you think it would have been good for things to work in Romania,” Iohannis said at the meeting with Romanian entrepreneurs in Silicon Valley.

He recalled the “Educated Romania” project.

“According to my opinion, without a well-educated and well-prepared youth for the labour market, for education, for research Romania has no chances. We are a country with a serious demographic problem, the population is aging, we are getting less and less and in order to remain in the top we must be more and more efficient, or, more and more efficient can only be better prepared, but obviously the continuation of education is integration into the labour market and it is clear that the purpose of a very good quality education is for every Romanian to find the right place and to be successful in the work that he/she also submits it in the best way to like what he/she does,” Iohannis said, according to Agerpres.

Romania’s Ambassador to the U.S., Andrei Muraru, said that Romanian entrepreneurs in the U.S. could play an important role in developing the economic component of the Strategic Partnership.

“This Partnership has been a vector of Romania’s integration into the transatlantic security space and of the consolidation of democratic values for 25 years and we intend that in the coming years we will add an important component of economic development and consolidation of prosperity and we believe that you can play a very important role here, because you are important vectors of our bilateral relationship and you have the potential to further boost the dynamics of our cooperation with the US,” Muraru stressed.

The event was also attended by the honorary consul of Romania in San Francisco, George Roth.

“I hope that the meeting with you will be a starting point for the creation of a body based on a public private partnership that will help entrepreneurs in Romania who have built successful companies, who have developed technologies or who have good research results to come to the Bay Area, in Silicon Valley, with the help of those here to succeed in globalising their companies and having access to substantial financing. Models of this kind have many countries here: Canada, Czech Republic, Israel, Belgium, France, Germany, Bulgaria. Romania has not, unfortunately”, George Roth said.


Photo: www.presidency.ro

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