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December 4, 2022

President Iohannis: As part of NATO, Romania is ready for any scenario, Romanians should not panic

President Klaus Iohannis stated, on Friday, that the “new evolution of the narrative” of Russia, which is a “more or less direct threat of a nuclear war against Europe, is unacceptable” and must be fought with all determination, yet Romania, as part of NATO, is prepared for any scenario, and Romanians should not panic.

“No one wants war, except Russia, Russia that attacked Ukraine. And the new evolution of the narrative, which is a more or less direct threat of nuclear war against Europe, is simply unacceptable and must be fought with all determination, the way these referendums that are being held these days in areas of Ukraine that have been occupied by Russia are completely unacceptable and I think they will not be recognized by practically anyone. But we cannot treat these threats lightly. Romania, as part of NATO, is prepared for any scenario, but we don’t want any scenario, the scenario we want is Russia’s withdrawal from Ukraine and peace negotiations, for that I think everyone must get involved. Romanians should not panic, Romania has no plans to go to war, just as NATO has no plans to go to war with Russia, but de-escalation must exist on both sides, we cannot just say that we want peace and the other side to threaten us with war. It is a very tense situation and we, who have the longest border with Ukraine among all NATO allies, are in a special position, but we are determined to face any scenario,” the president said.

On Tuesday and Wednesday, President Klaus Iohannis led the delegation that participated, in New York, in the high-level segment of the 77th session of the United Nations General Assembly. On Thursday and Friday, the president paid a visit to San Francisco.


Romania supported all the sanctions packages against Russia


President Klaus Iohannis stated, on Friday, that Romania supported all the sanctions packages against Russia, but he stated that it is inappropriate to discuss the new package in the phase of training.

“We supported all the sanctions packages and you must know that they are not based on any proposals that came through the press or through other means. There are negotiation teams in Brussels and they are working on them. We are well connected to the entire spectrum and Romania, with certainty will present its point of view there, and in the end, if there is a general understanding, of course, we will promote this package. I think it is inappropriate to discuss in the preparatory phase what exactly can be included in the package. Ultimately, this package must be negotiated between all member states, because if everyone does not agree, the package simply cannot be put into practice,” Iohannis told the journalists accompanying him in the US.

Moreover, the president stated that the position of the EU states towards the Russian citizens who try to leave the country in the context of the partial mobilization must be discussed at the level of the Union.

“It is good to discuss these issues again at the level of the Union and take shared decisions. Otherwise, any measure, which is taken only by one of the states and not by the other, becomes completely ineffective. If, for example, some states accept refugees of this type and others do not, a flow is created through the states that accept and the others are left with only the image. No, it does not help anyone, as with sanctions, to have approaches that are not shared. Our weapon, if I can say this, in quotation marks, the strongest feature of the European Union is our solidarity. The fact that we have acted everywhere together, this gives us strength and we must continue this way, in all sensitive areas,” Iohannis stressed.


I don’t find it right for dignitaries to be first to benefit from salary increases


President Klaus Iohannis declared, on Friday, regarding the project adopted by the Senate regarding the increase in the allowances of dignitaries, that it does not seem fair that they should be the first to benefit from salary increases.

“A few days ago I said that in the conditions in which we have a fairly high inflation, it is reasonable for salaries and pensions to increase, of course, as much as the budget allows, but it does not seem right to me that officials should be the first to benefit from such increases in salaries, we could stay behind,” the president told the media.

The Senate plenary adopted, on Wednesday, with 92 votes “for”, 22 “against” and four abstentions, a legislative project by which dignitaries and local elected representatives will receive increased allowances. According to Hungarian Democratic Union of Romania (UDMR) senators Turos Lorand and Fejer-Laszlo Odon, the authors of the amendment admitted to the select committee and adopted in plenary, the aim is to “eliminate the existing inequities at this moment”. The Senate is the first legislative Chamber notified of this bill.


We cannot have non-transparent funding made by political parties to media trusts, Iohannis says


The expenses from the state subsidy that the parties make for the contracts with the media must be made transparent, President Klaus Iohannis said on Friday.

“It is a point where, unfortunately, there has been quite little progress here, the area must first of all be made transparent. We cannot have non-transparent financing made by political parties to media trusts, to journalists and so on. There is no such thing nowhere in the world. On the other hand, we must take care that this funding is justly defined. I do not think it is good that a significant part of the money that the parties receive from the state budget goes without any transparency and without any control towards the media area. It is not to the benefit of the parties, nor the media area, nor the simple citizen, who – in the end we have to admit – relies on the media to receive a more or less objective picture of what is happening. But the lack of transparency in this area always hurts a lot and it is necessary to clarify the whole procedure,” the president said.

Klaus Iohannis stated that not the entire procedure in this case should be canceled.

“I am not of the opinion that the whole procedure should be canceled, no, but it should come in a clearly regulated and transparent area,” the president added.


Iohannis, on BMW cars purchase by the Romanian Police: If there are suspicions, we have enough competent authorities to check


President Klaus Iohannis declared, on Friday, that his friendship with businessman Michael Schmidt did not matter in terms of winning the tender held by the Romanian Police for the purchase of BMW cars and emphasized that, if there are suspicions regarding the legality of the procedure, there are sufficient authorities competent to make checks.

“About my friendship, I can tell you that it certainly didn’t matter, and my information about this procedure is only what appeared on open sources, that is, on the media, but I can tell you one thing very clearly: if there are suspicions, then we have enough competent authorities to check these things, and if you will allow me, I expect that these authorities will check all things thoroughly. It is inadmissible, from my point of view, that my name and my position should be drawn into a matter which it can be technically verified. I think it is obvious to everyone that I personally have nothing to do with this purchase, but if there are any suspicions, then I expect clarifications and very quickly,” the president told the journalists accompanying him in the USA.

Save Romania Union (USR) criticized, in a post on Facebook, the auction organized for the purchase of cars by the General Romanian Police Inspectorate (IGPR).

“While the PSD-PNL (Social Democratic Party – National Liberal Party) coalition is impoverishing the Romanians, the president Klaus Iohannis’s friend won auctions worth 233 million RON this year alone. The last auction won: the Romanian Police buys 600 BMW cars from the company of Klaus Iohannis’s friend, with European funds. There are absurd auction specifications (eg minimum 8-speed gearbox) which ensure that no other brand can compete at the price level. Only one offer received. Coincidence: from the friend of Klaus Iohannis’s,” the USR representatives said.


For now, Romania does not meet Visa Waiver technical criteria, but if we strive, we’ll suceed


For now, Romania does not meet the technical criteria for entry into the Visa Waiver programme, said president Klaus Iohannis on Friday, and he emphasized that there must be an awareness campaign and better information for people who want to apply for visas for the United States of America.

“Everyone is getting involved for the so-called Visa Waiver, that is to be able to travel without a visa. For now, Romania does not meet the technical criteria, but in order to meet them, there must be an awareness campaign, there must be better information of people who want to apply for visas and I think that, in the end, if we all strive, we will succeed,” the president, who was in the US these days, said.

Romania’s ambassador to the USA, Andrei Muraru, said on Thursday that Romanians settled in the United States supported Romania’s integration into NATO by sending letters to the American Congress, showing that this could also work in the case of the Visa Waiver programme.


Compiled from Agerpres

Photo: www.presidency.ro

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