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December 4, 2022

290 cycled km at the OTP Charity Tour for the benefit of the children at Yuppi Camp

290 kilometres were cycled by the 40 participants during four days of the OTP Charity Tour event. Proceeds from the cycling tour will be used to run the Yuppi experimental therapy camps, which aim to provide chronically ill children and their families with experiences to rediscover their inner strength and resources. The event organized by the Yuppi association, in partnership with the Master Ski & Bike Club Sport Association, is supported by OTP Bank Romania.

The charity tour was attended by amateur and semi-amateur cyclists, most of them employees of OTP Bank Romania. The shortest distance covered in one day was 65 km, but there were also riders who covered the entire route, over 4 days, to a total of 290 km.

The OTP Charity Tour event emerged from OTP Bank Romania’s desire to promote the bicycle as an ecological means of transport, as well as to be actively involved in a charitable cause that can change the lives of ill children.

“I appreciated that we were not intimidated by the rain and mud on the first day of the tour. The cause behind this event was motivating for all of us. Some of my colleagues have done the whole route and find that, surprisingly, they have even more energy today at the office. Meeting the children in the camp had a big impact on them. This was only the first edition. We have every reason to continue to support this endeavor and I am convinced that next year we will be at the starting line in a much larger number”, said Gyula Fater, CEO of OTP Bank Romania and ambassador of the event.

The tour ended on Sunday, September 25, at Yuppi Camp in Șăulia, where the cyclists were greeted and congratulated by the children in the camp.

“Yuppi this year is totally different from last year. First of all, because we came here with a different mentality. I never thought I would speak so casually. And Mihai… last year he wasn’t so involved, he didn’t hug anyone, but this year I saw him for the first time hugging a little girl. Last year he didn’t even get into the canoe, and this year he was the one who finally solved the mistery. The camp, the involvement of everyone, what he received, the dedication changed him. Our attitude changed too. We realized that we have to be good, to move forward”, says a mother who participated at the Yuppi camp.

“We believe that every child should have a chance at childhood, even if they suffer from a chronic disease, such as diabetes, juvenile arthritis or cancer. This vision prompts us, since 2011, to continuously develop the camps, so that we can welcome as many children as possible to our camps, regardless of age or illness, and they can have healing experiences”, emphasizes László Zsuzsa, Executive President of Yuppi Camp.

In September 24-25, 2022, Yuppi Camp hosted 20 families from all over the country. 30 volunteers and 8 doctors were present with them.

The money raised by the cyclists, along with the proceeds from the entry fees, will provide families with children with cancer, diabetes, or other autoimmune diseases the opportunity to attend Yuppi experimental therapy camps for free, where they will find a community and rediscover their strength and their interior resources.





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