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November 29, 2022

Simple motion against the Minister of Education debated and voted next Tuesday

The Save Romania Union (USR)  and Forta Dreptei submitted, on Tuesday, to the Chamber of Deputies, a simple motion against the Minister of Education, Sorin Cimpeanu, dubbed “Romania educated to steal. Sorin Cimpeanu brings shame to the school”. The motion will be debated and voted on next Tuesday.

Every second spent with Sorin Cimpeanu at the head of the Ministry of Education is a condemnation of Romania to live on theft


The Save Romania Union (USR) deputies and those from Force of the Right (Forta Dreptei) consider that “every second spent with Sorin Cimpeanu at the head of the Ministry of Education is a condemnation of Romania to live on theft, lies and imposture”, an opinion expressed in the text of the simple motion initiated against Cimpeanu.

“Romania really deserves more, and we really have potential in education. Sorin Cimpeanu is holding it on its knees. As for Mr. Ciuca and for the gentlemen from PNL (National Liberal Party) and PSD (Social Democratic Party), a warning: we are losing money from the PNRR (National Recovery and Resilience Plan) because the Minister of Education is not able to sign the contracts with the schools that will do projects to reduce school dropouts. Ladies and gentlemen from PSD and PNL, with such a minister at the helm of the Ministry of Education we risk destroying the future of children in Romania. If you don’t vote for this motion, you will all be accomplices of a plagiarist who will definitively destroy the Education system in Romania,” the motion states.

The initiators say that only three months have passed since the last simple motion against the Minister of Education, “during which time Sorin Cimpeanu managed to bring despair to everyone who wants a normal education system in this country”.

“His arrogance shows not only that he does not want the good of the education system, not taking into account any opinion of those directly affected by the changes, but also that he acts to order. We were preparing for the debates on the Education laws, but in the meantime we all found out, from the latest investigation by the journalist Emilia Sercan, that Mr. Sorin Cimpeanu is a plagiarist. Yes, the Romanian Minister of Education is a plagiarist. The minister who must implement Educated Romania, the country project of President Klaus Iohannis, is a plagiarist. A thief. A man who stole ideas. The Minister of Education plagiarized, in a specialized work, 92 pages from the work of two fellow university professors. He does not have the courage to show the work publicly. We are not surprised,” the text also says.

According to USR and Forta Dreptei parliamentarians, Cimpeanu’s doctoral thesis was analyzed by “three professors from his own university (a committee created especially for him) whose names he keeps secret”.

“Sorin Cimpeanu’s academic life seems like a lie, an imposture mixed with a trick, head and tail. In an Educated Romania, the minister would have submitted his resignation immediately. In Klaus Iohannis’ Romania, a plagiarizing minister is still something normal. The government in which Sorin Cimpeanu is Minister of Education is led by another plagiarist – Prime Minister Nicolae Ciuca,” the signatories of the simple motion say.

They are also dissatisfied with the changes in the Education Law proposed by Sorin Cimpeanu, which they believe “aggravate everything that is already bad in Romanian education: the politicization of schools, the disfavouring of children who come from families with little money, the impoverishment of parents through private tutoring, the discouraging of children without the possibility to believe in their chance and the promotion of impostors”.



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