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November 29, 2022

NATO Deputy Secretary General Geoana: Romania – a 360 degree European portal through which multiple regions and markets can be accessed

Investors can see Romania as “a portal” through which multiple regions and markets can be accessed, NATO Deputy Secretary General Mircea Geoana stated on Wednesday.

He delivered a speech in the opening of the ‘U.S. – Romania Economic Forum: From Security to Prosperity.’

“Don’t think of Romania from a regional perspective, as an unexplored local market, but, as a 360 degree European portal: a developed nation which provides access to the vast EU market, an ideal place to start the reconstruction of Ukraine, an anchor in this brave nation, but also in the Republic of Moldova and Georgia, in west and a platform towards the Balkans, towards the Caucasus and towards the extended region of the Middle East. The competition with Russia and China needs a strong economic investments component. Romania shouldn’t be just your local headquarters, but your multi-regional headquarters,” the Deputy Secretary General of NATO said.

He talked about the implications of the was conducted by Russia against Ukraine.

“If the energy weapon is taken away from Russia and investments are made in a new and diversified energy market, we shall have a lot to gain,” Geoana argued.


We will continue to support Ukraine; no simulacrum of referendum will deter us


The allied countries will continue to support Ukraine “as long as it is needed” and will not be deterred by “any simulacrum of a referendum,” NATO Deputy Secretary General Mircea Geoana said on Wednesday.

He had an intervention at the opening of the Romania – US Economic Forum: “From security to prosperity”.

“We will continue to support Ukraine as long as it takes, we will continue to support Ukraine in its righteous and heroic struggle for freedom, independence and the inalienable right to choose its own path. No simulacrum of referendum, no propaganda machine, no military presence, no irresponsible rhetoric will discourage our fight,” the official said.

Geoana added that “the war waged by Russia against Ukraine, which is innocent, is a war waged against our values, of a world governed by rules, not by the ‘law of the jungle'”.

“Not only our allied nations must be concerned about the dangerous precedent of this illegal and barbaric war, but the whole world. This is a test related to how the world of the future will look,” said the Deputy Secretary General of NATO.

According to Mircea Geoana, “the center of gravity of Europe is moving to the East”.

“Without a doubt, we can say that Romania and the entire Eastern Flank (…) are more strategically relevant than ever,” he said, according to Agerpres.


Photo: Facebook/AmCham Romania

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