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December 7, 2022

Nowadays Romania and Germany enjoy an excellent relationship of strategic value, says Ms. Adriana Loreta Stănescu, Romania’s Ambassador to the Federal Republic of Germany

The anniversary of the Day of German Unity offers me the opportunity to convey sincere congratulations and my best wishes for peace, success and prosperity to the Federal Republic of Germany and its people.

On this day, we remember the extraordinary efforts of the German people to live in freedom, united within a single democratic state. At the same time, the Day of German Unity has a special significance for Romania and Europe as a whole, marking the beginning of the reunification of the European continent and a new stage in fostering democracy, freedom, prosperity and solidarity on the continent.

For Romania, the fall of the Berlin Wall and the German reunification symbolically mark the beginning of its integration within the democratic family of European nations. Germany has been one of our strongest supporters on this path, the key role played by the united Germany in advancing the European project being widely recognized and valued also with the view to the difficult times we are encountering today. This Day is therefore a reason for celebration not only for Germany and for the Germans, but for all European states and citizens.

The fall of the Iron Curtain and the dissolution of the communist bloc opened the way for taking decisive steps to overcome the division of the European continent. The signing, on 21st of April 1992, of the Treaty on Friendly Cooperation and Partnership in Europe between Romania and the Federal Republic of Germany, as part of the efforts to reconnect the states separated for decades by the Iron Curtain, is further contributing to the advancement of European unity, based on the fundamental values of respect for human rights, democracy and the rule of law.

The celebration, this year, of 30 years since the signing of the bilateral Treaty on friendly cooperation and partnership in Europe illustrates the importance of this partnership, which has grown stronger and deeper over the years.

Nowadays Romania and Germany enjoy an excellent relationship of strategic value, amply benefiting from the common membership in the European Union, NATO and multilateral fora. The relations between our countries have witnessed a constant positive trend and vastly diversified, at political, diplomatic, cultural, economic and social levels.

To mention just a few of the most important high level contacts this year, I recall with great pleasure the visit of the President of the Federal Republic of Germany, H.E. Frank-Walter Steinmeier, payed to Romania on the 4th of May, “the visit to his friends”, as well as the visit of the President of Romania, H.E. Klaus Iohannis, to Germany, on the 4th of June, to participate in the ceremony in which he was awarded the European Charles IV Prize of the Federation of Sudeten Germans.


Moreover, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Romania, H.E. Bogdan Aurescu, attended the Security Conference in Munich in February, as well as the informal meeting of the NATO foreign ministers in May in Berlin.

A highly emblematic event for the importance of the Romanian-German partnership in addressing major topics on the European agenda was the organization, on the 5th of April, in Berlin, of the International Conference on the creation of the Support Platform for the Republic of Moldova, co-chaired by the Ministers of Foreign of France, Germany and Romania. This event was followed by a similar conference hosted in Bucharest on 15th of July, which also occasioned the visit to Romania of the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Federal Republic of Germany, H.E. Annalena Baerbock.

In addition to the intense and consistent political dialogue taking place at all levels, it must be remembered that Germany is Romania’s first commercial partner, and a main source of foreign direct investments, with a particular focus on high-tech industrial sectors.

An essential role in strengthening the bilateral relations is played by the German minority in Romania, as well as by the ethnic Germans and Romanian citizens established in Germany, who represent a solid bridge for interactions in all areas.

Benefiting from these strong and complex relations, the celebration this year of the three decades since the signing of the bilateral Treaty on Friendly Cooperation and Partnership in Europe reaffirms our “mutual commitment to the European project and to further developing our cooperation”, as expressed in the Joint declaration by the Foreign Ministers on the occasion of the 30th anniversary. The festive occasion offered an excellent opportunity to the Embassy of Germany in Bucharest and the Embassy of Romania in Berlinfor organizing a series of celebratory events throughout the year, focusing on the excellent and manifold Romanian-German interactions, be they in political, artistic, educational or other areas.

Romania and Germany are united by common values and by destinies intertwined through history, culture and plentiful people-to-people contacts. I am convinced that building on this unique legacy, we will develop even stronger relationships between our countries. The celebration of the Day of German Unity reminds us that our power comes from unity. Thus, let us continue to join forces and act for a Europe of peace, security, prosperity and solidarity, in the best interest of our peoples!

Alles Gute zum Tag der Deutschen Einheit! La mulți ani!


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