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November 29, 2022

GirlPower, OTP Bank’s mentoring program, ends with the awarding of two scholarships worth 6000 euros

Launched one year ago, GirlPower, the mentoring program of OTP Bank Romania dedicated to young women at the beginning of their professional careers, ended with the awarding of two scholarships worth a total of 6,000 euros, paid directly by the financial institution.

At the end of this extensive learning process, based on the decisions of the two finalists, scholarships were awarded to Lucia Prisecariu, within the personal development program of the ReGeneration Academy, and to Ana Vicoveanu, for the Fast Track Management program, organized by the Bucharest International School of Management.

As part of GirlPower, Lucia and Ana benefited from nine months of intensive training with OTP Bank mentors Roxana Hidan, Deputy General Manager, Business Division, and Mara Cristea, Deputy General Manager, Finance and Planning Division. There were more than 20 meetings focused on both the personal and professional development of the young women, in line with the program’s objectives.

“GirlPower brought me confidence and clarity. Almost a year since I was selected as a finalist, the feeling of gratitude is what I feel every time I think about the chance I had. The meetings with Mara, my mentor in the last months, helped me take assumed decisions in difficult situations. Besides the scholarship I received, the most valuable thing for me was the time I was given. I am extremely grateful to the team of professionals at OTP Bank. It was a better year also thanks to them,” said Lucia Prisecariu.

“For me, the GirlPower program opened a very important chapter in my life, both personally and professionally. It was my <guide> at a time when I wasn’t very clear about what I wanted. Looking at the present Ana and at Ana from the beginning of the program, I can say that the meetings and discussion topics I had with Roxana, my mentor, made me realize that I am enough and that I can rely firstly on me, for whatever I want to achieve”, added Ana Vicoveanu.

The GirlPower mentoring program is part of the bank’s strategy to promote gender equality internally and externally.

The two OTP Bank mentors, Roxana Hidan and Mara Cristea, have committed to continue supporting projects and a public dialogue focused on the promotion of gender equality in Romania.

“Now, when the tendency to be lonely is increasing, gestures of solidarity make a difference. I can say that I asissted to a real transformation when I invested trust in people. Solidarity discourages discrimination. In it I place my hope for gender equality to become normal in an open society”, added Mara Cristea, Deputy General Director, Finance and Planning Division.

“In recent years, the number of women involved in discussions addressing important issues within private, public companies or in political life has increased. However, very few women have access to the decision table or the power to take decisions. For me, GirlPower was an action through which I reinforced my expectation: women must have the power to take decisions, not just assist them or legitimize them passively. And for Ana, GirlPower was about learning how to build and maintain your presence of substance.”, said Roxana Hidan, Deputy General Manager Business Division, OTP Bank Romania.

The GirlPower application contest ran online for two weeks and attracted 47 applicants.



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