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December 4, 2022

Arthur Hunt Analysis:The Game Changer was the most hunted executive profile on the labor market in 2022

The volume of recruitment projects within Arthur Hunt Romania increased in the first 9 months of the year by 90%, as compared to the same period of 2021 and the most hunted executive profile in 2022, is the “game-changer” – the candidate with relevant experience, but also with a new vision and perspective that is able to change the paradigm within the organization.

In the context in which the macroeconomic developments of the last 3 years and the systemic changes imposed by the pandemic have determined a profound transformation across the entire business environment, the labor market has become increasingly effervescent. Thus, the year 2022 brought to the front the need to identify new candidate profiles, that can lead change at the top levels of organizations or can be an active part of the transformation processes, according to Arthur Hunt Romania specialists.

Thus, in 2022, the most hunted executive profile became the “game-changer” – the professional with relevant experience and a performance-oriented mindset, not only resilient in front of successive changes, but who actively contributes to the paradigm shift within the organization.

Companies active in Romania have recently implemented or transited various transformation processes, including digitalization and (re)technology, restructuring and business efficiency, simplification or innovation.

According to the Arthur Hunt Romania analysis, an average of 8 out of 10 companies searched for such profiles in 2022. The most dynamic sectors of activity, in which the need for transformation and infusion of new perspectives was increased this year, were the circular economy sector (waste management, recycling), packaging, agribusiness, retail, FMCG and logistics.

“Adaptation and transformation are the key words of 2022. Organizations active in Romania are looking for solutions to adapt, become more efficient, more resilient and more competitive in a context where the paradigm shift is constant and comes from multiple directions. It is necessary for leaders and managers to change the vibration of the organization, from a vibration based on constraints to one based on opportunities, on imagining new solutions and discovering the opportunities that lie behind the constraints. To be models for other employees, open to the new, to the different and invest their energy in extracting benefits from changes, instead of opposing them”, Alina Sîrbu, Managing Director, Arthur Hunt Romania says.

In the coming period, Romanian companies will continue to integrate tech and digital solutions within their internal processes, using solutions such as artificial intelligence and augmented reality. Employers will also focus on making internal processes more flexible and simpler and on increasing the vital energy of employees and training them to adapt more easily to changes. Hybrid work continues to remain valid in 2023, experts Arthur Hunt also appreciate.

Arthur Hunt is one of the leading international HR consulting companies. Present in Romania since 2006, the company operates in the field of Executive Search, HR consultancy and efficient management of change processes within medium and large organizations.

The Arthur Hunt portfolio comprises 4 directions of action: recruitment of management and top management positions, employee evaluation and development, advisory for transformation and change processes, as well as optimization of the human resources processes and practices.

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