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December 7, 2022

PSD’s Ciolacu: Important thing is that in coalition we decided increase in minimum wage and pensions

Chairman of the Social Democratic Party (PSD) Marcel Ciolacu stressed on Thursday the importance of the decision to increase the minimum wage and pensions made by the governing coalition, adding that the level of these increases should be established as soon as possible.

The social-democratic leader and Speaker of the Chamber of Deputies went on to say that there is a labor force migration which will continue, with or without the increase in the minimum wage. He stressed that we need a state of normalcy, beyond just complaining about the lack of labor force, if we want a different Romania.

“At this moment, it is for the first time since the Revolution that the budget will be made according to programs, I think it is a development of the Romanian state, but also of the future Romania that we want. We have not established how many percentages are there for the increases in the coalition at the moment, but I am firmly convinced that we will establish this as soon as possible. Two years ago there was no increase,” added Marcel Ciolacu.


Romanian state won’t have capacity to attract funds for all hospitals under PNRR


The leader of the Social Democratic Party (co-ruling PSD), Marcel Ciolacu, said on Thursday that he does not believe that the Romanian state will have the capacity to attract all the funds for the hospitals under the National Recovery and Resilience Plan (PNRR) or through the financial exercises, noting that the Government must sit at the table with the private environment to measure what amounts can be attracted by the public and private health systems.

At the launch event of the Romanian version of the “White Charter of Romanian SMEs”, Marcel Ciolacu recalled the circumstances in which PSD entered the government.

“The fruit of economic growth must be redistributed further to the people through public policies and through economic incentives for companies, and protecting the purchasing power of the population through income indexation means maintaining a consumption that will continue to support the progress of the economy,” said Marcel Ciolacu .

The Speaker of the Chamber of Deputies said that our country is still in a difficult situation from an economic and social point of view, especially since we do not know what is happening in the euro zone or in Ukraine.

“What’s more, in such moments the state must stand by the private investor. If we go by slogans such as: we must let the free market regulate things by itself, I’m afraid we’ll be looking at a real jungle, where the big and strong will survive, and many of the smaller ones will disappear. It would mean looking at hundreds of thousands of small and medium-sized companies that would invest less because there is uncertainty, demand decreases, costs increase,” added Ciolacu.

“At this moment, Romania should attract around one billion euros per month,” Ciolacu said, adding that the portion the state cannot attract in the large infrastructure should be considered, with the amendment of procurement laws, and redirected to private environment.


We lived with this phenomenon of globalization, excessive at a given moment, even imposed


Romania lived with a “phenomenon of globalization, a bit excessive at a given moment and even imposed,” the president of the Chamber of Deputies, Marcel Ciolacu said on Thursday.

“I lived with this phenomenon of globalization, a bit excessive at a given moment and even imposed, thus, a bit of a ‘push’ on each member state of the European Union to do certain things in a hurry, to modify certain legislation. I feel that times have changed, (…) especially because of the European Commission’s delay in coming up with some clear rules in the energy area,” stated Ciolacu, at DC News Live.

According to the Social Democratic Party (PSD) leader, “Romania is one of the lucky states, having what our parents built and having energy sources and, through clear programs, we will develop this.”

“I think we are entering another era and era of the European Union,” Marcel Ciolacu said.


Compiled from Agerpres


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