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December 7, 2022

Kiwi.com: Gen Z’s autumn travel plans

  • More than half of Romanian Gen Z-ers are buying only one-way tickets
  • The top 5 countries those aged 18-25 are planning to visit from Romania are Italy, the UK, Spain, France and Israel
  • The most popular cities are London, Milan, Tel Aviv, Barcelona and Rome

Autumn is the season of going back to school, as well as cheaper travel, two things that are equally important for a certain age group: those aged 18 to 25, otherwise known as Generation Z. Kiwi.com, a travel-tech company, shares traveling data regarding where and how the younger generation of adults is traveling this autumn.

The top 5 countries where Gen Z-ers from Romania are traveling this autumn are Italy (19%), the UK (12%), Spain (11.5%), France (6%) and Israel (5.5%), according to data from Kiwi.com. They are also planning on traveling to Ireland, the Netherlands or even Morocco.

Of the cities they are planning to visit, the most popular are London, Milan, Tel Aviv, Barcelona and Rome. However, of the bookings made by Gen Z-ers on the platform, some other cities that caught their eyes are Paris, Venice, Palma de Majorca or Larnaca.

Looking at Gen Z’s preferred destinations, which include countries and cities that attract more and more international students every year, such as Belgium, the Netherlands, or Bologna and Vienna (both cities with an extensive educational history), it is safe to say that young adults are traveling there to pursue their studies.

Moreover, of the bookings made by those aged 18-25 on Kiwi.com for the autumn season, more than half were for one way tickets, suggesting that they are traveling for their studies, either for university, or for a semester abroad, with programs like Erasmus or Erasmus+. Of those going on shorter trips, 37% will be staying for one to 3 days, another 36% between 4 and 6 days, 19% for a week and up to 10 days, and a little over 7% are staying at their destinations for more than 11 days.

Not only Romanian young adults are traveling this autumn: bookings by members of Gen Z made on Kiwi.com traveling from Romania were also made by nationals from Republic of Moldova, Israel, France, the UK and even the US.

*Data analysis includes bookings made on Kiwi.com by those aged 18-25 from January 1st of 2022 for travels during September 1st – November 30th of 2022.


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