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December 6, 2022

Nestlé, through the Initiative of Young Culinary Talents, organized a free barista course for young people

Nestlé, through the global Young Culinary Talents (YOCUTA) initiative, organized a free barista course for young people. YOCUTA is part of the Nestlé Needs YOUth pillar, which aims to help 10 million young people worldwide access economic opportunities. The program is designed to develop young talents in the culinary field, to strengthen their theoretical and practical skills, while helping the foodservice industry to fill the shortage of skilled workers around the world.

At the second edition of the YOCUTA project, six young people participated in a free barista training. The participants went through an intensive practical course with Marius Rusu, Coffee Expert Nestlé Professional, and benefited from the recommendations offered by Adriana Boldea, Talent Acquisition Nestlé.

“For over 10 years, Nestlé has been supporting the development of young talent. Traditional education does not provide the skills needed for existing jobs on the market at the moment. That’s why the Young Culinary Talents program can help prepare young people to find not only a job, but a lifelongly rewarding profession, with the potential for a successful career in the food service industry or even the opportunity to create their own business,” says Ovidiu Tunaru, Business Executive Officer of Nestlé Professional.

The participants leave the training with new information about coffee and have the chance to put into practice the knowledge they have acquired. They receive an essential diploma and experience, which gives them the opportunity to build a career in the food industry.

“The success of the first edition last year determined us to continue and to offer the chance to more young people to participate in this project. The students were particularly receptive and adapted to both the online teaching and the practice in our training room. We are glad to hand over the diplomas to passionate young people, whom we will surely hear about again”, says Marius Rusu, Coffee Expert Nestlé Professional.

 Around the world, vacancies in the food service industry remain numerous and the number of skilled workers currently available is inadequate to meet the needs. YOCUTA program offers an ideal combination of teaching, practical training and continuing education, and can become a source of fresh talent for operations in the food service sector.

“The course and all the experience were far beyond expectations! Not only did I learn the basics of brewing coffee, but I received a lot of information about how to hire in the private environment. I can’t wait to participate in other programs in the future!”, says Mihnea, YOCUTA participant.

“I really liked this course. I realized that, in fact, I didn’t know anything about coffee or what I knew wasn’t exactly the same as reality. There’s a lot of precious information structured in these two days. I also really liked Mr. Marius’ approach, the zeal with which he presented the information and the training he has behind him. There were two days that I appreciated and I thank Nestlé for this opportunity!”, says Ana-Maria, YOCUTA participant.

 “I learned a lot of new and useful information, I met extraordinary people and, last but not least, I felt good. The information was very much interesting, interesting and with the help of Mr. Marius a large majority already settled. The practical part helped me make the first latte that looks decent. I think everything was done by the book. Thank you once again for this course!”, says Stefan-Iulian, YOCUTA participant.

YOCUTA is available to any young person between the ages of 16 and 30 who is of legal age to work. As part of the Nestlé Needs YOUth initiative, Nestlé has managed to involve over 18,000 young people nationwide in Romania in recent years.



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