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November 23, 2022

TeraPlast launches NeoTer, a state-of-the-art floor heating system

  • TeraPlast has developed a complete underfloor heating system under the NeoTer brand.
  • The product benefits from an extended 10-year warranty, and customers will be advised in choosing the optimal solutions for each project.
  • NeoTer has a dedicated web page (www.neoter.ro)

TeraPlast launches NeoTer, a state-of-the-art floor heating system with a high degree of energy efficiency and significant advantages in terms of energy consumption for heating and environmental impact.

NeoTer is calibrated to current consumer needs, in line with new trends in housing construction and development. The NeoTer system is a reliable heating solution, applicable to both new construction and renovation projects.

To manufacture NeoTer, TeraPlast uses a new, fully automated production line with the most advanced technology available on the market. The production process is safe, modern and extremely precise. It ensures the quality and durability of the system in optimal conditions of use.

With the launch of the NeoTer system, we take an essential step in our strategy to increase TeraPlast’s presence on the indoor installation systems market. The technical solutions used in the manufacturing process ensure a high-quality product, durable and adapted to individual needs”, said Ovidiu Gurău, commercial director of TeraPlast. “Low energy consumption for heating is a major advantage in a context where energy resources have seen a significant increase in prices. Also, through the savings that can be made using this underfloor heating system, we also contribute to the common action of reaching the climate objectives. he added.

NeoTer by TeraPlast is a complete and modern underfloor heating system. It includes PE-Xa and PE-RT pipes, with an oxygen barrier, and sizes from 16mm to 32mm, depending on the needs of the project. Customers benefit from a 10-year warranty, consultancy in the design of the underfloor heating system and a short delivery time.

The NeoTer system uses a low-temperature heat agent and is an ideal solution even when using renewable energy sources. Underfloor heating brings significant energy savings. Consumption can be reduced by approximately 14% compared to the classic system that uses radiators. If the heating system has a condensing boiler or a heat pump as its heat source, depending on the shape of the building, the degree of insulation and the configuration of the heating installation, energy savings can increase up to 40%.

Underfloor heating systems have become a constant in real estate development in Western Europe over the past three decades, and Romania has seen an expansion of this alternative over the past 5-7 years, with great potential for further growth.


Benefits of the NeoTer heating system


  • High level of thermal comfort by eliminating areas with cold temperatures, without affecting the humidity in the room;
  • Reduced energy consumption;
  • Easy to mount; without periodic maintenance.
  • Additional space available by removing radiators.


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