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November 30, 2022

Bob Bistro, the fully automated restaurant of the future presented at SIAL Paris Food Show

Bob Bistro was created by Bobnet Group to help Hospitality operators to automate their restaurant operations with the help of advanced IoT technology  Bobnet Group, the company behind Romanian startup Bob Concierge, recognized nationally for its unique network of proximity retail IoT devices, launches Bob Bistro, the fully automated restaurant solution targeted towards the European market.

The fully automated restaurant innovation is being presented at SIAL Paris Food Show, the largest exhibition dedicated to the food industry in Europe, taking place between 15.10.2022 and 19.10.2022 at the Paris-Nord Villepinte, in Paris.

Sial Paris 2022 is among the leading events for the global Food and beverage industry. It is among the central hubs for learning about the latest trends and innovations in the sector. Founded in 1946, SIAL takes place once every 2 years and it’s the main meeting platform for professionals working in the industry.

The Bob Bistro IoT solution consists of a series of smart fridge-type devices equipped with artificial intelligence and a grab & go technology with hundreds of sensors, created to be implemented by Hospitality operators in order to enable them to sell and serve their fresh culinary products in a fully automated way, without any need for human intervention.

Due to automation of the entire process of serving the food, using the Bob Bistro restaurant of the future does not require human involvement for ordering, serving or paying, everything being managed by the logistics system and the advanced Bobnet technology. Benefits of the new dining system include reduced food waste, better control over food freshness and quality, availability round-the-clock and reduced costs for maintenance and staff.

The end consumer can access the menus offered by the Bob Bistro automated restaurants fast and easily through self-service, by using the mobile application developed by the Bobnet team. Once purchased in the app, the dish can be heated on the spot using the built-in oven and served immediately after at the specially designed tables.

“Since we strongly believe that the future belongs to the world of the Internet of Things, where software applications are complemented by advanced hardware devices, we have developed this new product Bob Bistro, to help Hospitality operators to reduce both logistics and labor costs, which often affect considerably the profit of companies that do business with food products”, said Mihail Girnet, CEO of Bobnet.

“Our solution is complete and automates the entire chain of operational processes for restaurants and cafeterias, including logistics, supply, sales and after-sales services. The Bob Bistro restaurant can be easily implemented and operated by companies from different industries, from Hospitality companies to any institution that needs to facilitate the serving of fresh food immediate consumption,” added Mihail Girnet.

The Bob Bistro fully automated restaurant can be easily scaled and implemented in multiple locations and buildings such as factories, office buildings, hotels and guesthouses, schools and hospitals, allowing it to be managed remotely at low cost.

The Bob Bistro advanced devices will be managed by the Bobnet group in the cloud, enabling grocery and grocery merchandising features, as well as logistics functions. Once validated through the Bob Concierge project, the technology will now be marketed to third parties as a stand-alone solution.

Romanian startup Bob Concierge, launched by the Bobnet Group, is recognized nationally for its unique network of automated devices that ensure quick access to products and services in residential complexes, being the first product of the company to benefit from the intelligent logistics system. The IoT technology developed by Bobnet has already been implemented and utilized by users in residential buildings in 125 locations in Romania.


 About the Bob Concierge Network


Technological startup Bob Concierge has innovated the proximity retail market, introducing fully automated retail devices within residential buildings. Bob Concierge solves the tenants’ daily tasks, providing food, groceries and services through a fully automated machine installed in the building lobby space. Through the Bob Concierge network, clients also have the opportunity to receive mail packages without having to wait for the courier, or they can drop their laundry for hassle free, effective dry cleaning services.



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