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December 6, 2022

Bolos: Romania to spend 2.2 bn euro worth of EU funding to counteract effects of rising energy prices

Romania will use 2.2 billion euro worth of EU funding to counteract the effects of the rise in energy prices, Minister of European Investments and Projects Marcel Bolos said on Wednesday, at the beginning of the government meeting.

“There are three types of measures that can be considered: the first is to support vulnerable households fend off the energy crisis, including through energy price subsidies; the second possible measure will be the one related to working capital grants to SMEs, which will take after the model of the working capital grants we had during the pandemic crisis; the third measure refers to employment and job creation, by the model of the Innotech Student or rural social economy structures programs – these are ways by which jobs are created in the national economy,” the Minister explained, according to Agerpres.

Bolos mentioned that, following the decision of the European Commission, the necessary measures will be put together to support the population and the business environment.

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