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December 4, 2022

PM Ciuca: Pensioners’ income will be indexed for inflation on January 1, 2023

Pensioners’ income will be indexed for inflation on January 1, 2023 Prime Minister Nicolae Ciuca announced on Thursday.

At the end of a working visit to Dolj County he said that pensioners “do not deserve to bear this burden of inflation on their shoulders.”

“We have discussed the subject and, looking at all inflation data, we can all see that today inflation is exceeding 15%, according to the latest data published by the National Institute of Statistics. Inflation is at 15.9% and I think that pensioners in Romania do not deserve to bear this burden of inflation on their shoulders, which is why we must analyse and do it in such a way as to make sure the pensioisn are indexed for inflation,” said Ciuca, according to Agerpres.


President Iohannis: We have inflation that exceeds 15pct; it would be reasonable for pensions to increase considering this


President Klaus Iohannis stated on Thursday that it would be reasonable for the increase of pensions, as of 1 January 2023, to take into account the inflation which exceeds 15 percent.

“If we’re talking about the increase of pensions, we must see the wider context a bit. I know that all types of proposals have been spread around: 10 percent, 11 percent, but let’s see the bigger picture, we cannot expect pensioners to pay the price of crises and, taking into account we have an inflation which exceeds 15 percent, I believe it would be fair, reasonable for this increase of pensions, as of 1 January, to take into account this inflation and then, the increase, in my opinion, should be higher than it had been spread around so far. I don’t know if the budget allows this increase up to 15 percent, as people would expect to have a fair compensation in relation to inflation, but I believe that it’s worth taking all options into consideration and come up with an increase which can compensate well the inflation, and another aspect which I, personally, see as essential; a special, increased attention must be paid to those with low pensions, because the biggest issues emerge there,” the head of state said prior to attending the meeting of the European Council.

He also talked about Thursday’s protests in Bucharest.

“In respect to today’s protests, people are right to be concerned. We are in crisis, people expect clear answers, answers which can explain people how to move pass the winter, what shall we do in the spring, what to do the next winter and I believe that the coalition and the Government will come up with the answers to these questions, and, in respect to the increase of salaries, I have repeatedly expressed myself on this matter and, just as I believe that the increase of pensions must be correlated to inflation, I also believe that salaries must be reasonably correlated with inflation. If there are no increases of pensions and salaries, it means that the population is paying the price of crises and this thing doesn’t seem fair,” the head of state said, according to Agerpres.


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