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November 29, 2022

PM Ciuca: Transition of schools to the online program during the cold season due to the heating is not a solution that can be accepted

Prime Minister Nicolae Ciuca emphasized, on Thursday, during a video conference with the county prefects, that the transition of schools to the online program during the cold season due to the “heating” is not a solution that can be accepted.

“This part of the transition of schools to online due to the heating does not take place in our discussion, because we discussed, as we said a long time ago, about the measures that must be taken so that all conditions are ensured. It is not acceptable for us to make such a decision in the conditions where even today, when we talk, we are looking for solutions in order to ensure the running of the coherent education process, without any other syncopes. Of course, we know very well that there are several localities in the country that every year have needed support for the thermal power station. We are discussing those localities where, unfortunately, the thermal power station is still ensured by the consumption of crude oil. We will find solutions. Moreover, by yesterday’s decision from the Government meeting, we have allocated the necessary resources as at the level of the authorities local authorities to be able to start the purchase of fuel for these thermal plants. As such, frankly, I do not see and do not accept that we should interrupt the education process because there is no heating in any of the educational units,” Ciuca said, according to Agerpres.

The Minister of Education, Ligia Deca, explained that problems in ensuring the normal operating conditions of schools during the cold season should not arise in terms of utility bills except those due to consumption. She added that if special situations arise, they should be communicated to the central authorities in time.

According to her, the Ministry of Education has continuously sent the message that it does not support and does not encourage the transition of schools online, especially after two pandemic years, which generated gaps in the educational process.

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