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December 4, 2022

President Iohannis in Brussels: Romania agrees with EC proposal on energy price

President Klaus Iohannis on Thursday stated that the European Commission’s proposal regarding the high gas prices is good and Romania agrees with the new measures.

“Yesterday we received a proposal from the European Commission on the table, a good proposal, which also includes elements that we had requested repeatedly. It is a quite technical document and I don’t think we will go into all the details today, but the beginning is good. We are talking here about a kind of ceiling on the price of gas, but a ceiling that does not put suppliers in difficulty, only prevents the appearance of excessively high prices. At the same time, we have the beginning of a regulation that decouples the gas market from the electricity market. We have a proposal concerning joint purchases, a voluntary joint purchase platform for gas. We have a number of elements that can support member states to better deal with the energy crisis,” said the head of state before attending the European Council meeting.

He underscored that measures are needed for the future.

“We cannot come endlessly with subsidies, with extraordinary measures. We must find solutions to have sufficient energy available and prices that the population and industry can pay. This means diversification, this means green energy, this means new resources, for example the gas from the Black Sea, and this means a much, much better interconnection between the member states than the one we have now,” said Iohannis.

The head of state showed that Romania agrees with the proposals coming from the Commission.

“In respect to the joint purchase, it will be voluntary, which means that whoever wants to do it can do it, and we will also ask for this option to remain available for everybody, in the sense that we need to have a real platform to be accessible to all, because there will be the private companies who will join here, not the states. And the companies and states having agreements with other parties will continue to have them. The platform is not meant to make some give up their agreements so that we will take their place but to bring new resources in Europe,” he explained.

The President said that Romania agrees with the solidarity mechanism and expresses its interest to enter this joint gas acquisition. He explained that the technical details are still to be worked out.

“This is a very large package and a very technical one that was presented by the Commission, but, basically, I can tell you that yes, we agree and we want to join,” said Iohannis.


The coalition is discussing about regulating the energy price; we do need to do something


President Klaus Iohannis on Thursday stated that there are discussions going on in the governing coalition regarding the regulation of the energy market and that “something must be done” in this area.

“The coalition is indeed discussing this, but, as long as they have not clarified this matter with the experts yet, it is premature for me to say anything. But it is clear that something must be done. The way the market works now is quite complicated and quite expensive for the budget. We cannot continue for very long to basically subsidize the price of energy. Also, on the other hand, we need to provide subsidies to the vulnerable consumer, a reasonable subsidy to SMEs, even a subsidy to the large industry, because otherwise we lose the entire competitiveness of the Romanian economy and we cannot accept something like that. And then we need mechanisms that make energy not only available, but accessible, energy that can be paid for and the Government will struggle with this, the coalition will negotiate until a feasible solution is found. How long it will take depends on the general development in Europe,” said Iohannis, before attending the European Council meeting.

He underscored that this energy crisis affects the entire European Union and the whole world.

“We must find mechanisms to survive these dramatic phases of the energy crisis and, in parallel, develop new resources to return to normality. (…) We cannot continue indefinitely with subsidizing the energy price,” said Iohannis.


The new Justice Laws adopted by Parliament are good


President Klaus Iohannis declared, on Thursday, that the new justice laws that were recently adopted by Parliament are good and he indicated that he would promulgate them if they pass the Constitutional Court of Romania (CCR).

“The Cooperation and Verification Mechanism (CVM) cares a lot about how the new justice laws will be evaluated, and here I think we can be optimistic. There are good laws that have now come out of Parliament. Of course, there are still some procedures before they are promulgated, but I hope not take a long time, but in parallel, the first evaluations of these laws can already begin and if the evaluations will be positive, as I expect, for example, then we can realistically expect the lifting of the CVM and entry into the general state mechanism by law that was established for all member states,” said the head of state, before participating in the European Council meeting.

President Iohannis was asked if there are signals regarding a positive report by the European Commission for the lifting of the CVM, in the context in which the Netherlands conditions Romania’s access to the free movement space on the lifting of this mechanism.

The head of state also indicated that he would promulgate justice laws if they pass the CCR.


Over 5 million tons of grain from Ukraine were exported through Romania, approximately 60% of what was exported by this country


President Klaus Iohannis declared, on Thursday, that over 5 million tons of grain from Ukraine were exported through Romania, which means approximately 60% of what was exported by this country.

He pointed out that Romania will continue to develop its logistics in order to significantly contribute to reducing a possible food crisis.

“Romania tried and succeeded in building logistics to facilitate the export of grain from Ukraine. Up to now, more than 5 million tons of grain have been exported through Romania. It is a lot, it is about 60% of what exported to Ukraine this year. We will continue the development of logistics, i.e. roads, railways, ports and so on, to contribute, significantly to the reduction of a possible food crisis,” the head of state said before participating in the meeting of the European Council.

He pointed out that the European leaders will condemn Russia’s behavior regarding Ukraine, where it attacked mostly civilian targets.

“It is obvious that we are in solidarity with Ukraine, we will continue to support Ukraine as long as it is needed,” Iohannis said.


Compiled from Agerpres

Photo: www.presidency.ro

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