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December 9, 2022

Prime Minister advocates urgent expansion of natural gas network, to replace fuel oil as heating agent

Prime Minister Nicolae Ciuca advocated, on Thursday, at a video conference with the county prefects, the urgent expansion of the natural gas network, so that fuel oil is replaced as a heating agent.

Minister of Energy Virgil Popescu, specified that the transmission and distribution networks are financed through the Modernization Fund, and the amounts can be supplemented if necessary. He mentioned that Transgaz has already submitted a series of projects for the expansion of the gas transportation network.

“Practically, Transgaz follows its investment plan and, as it has projects ready, it directly accesses the Modernization Fund, because it is practically a state monopoly and does not need calls for projects. For distribution, on the other hand, given that there are more distributors, there is a call for projects, but it is aimed only at them, the electricity and natural gas distributors,” he said.


Romania has currently ensured the necessary energy and gas stocks


Romania has currently ensured the “necessary energy and gas stocks”, Prime Minister Nicolae Ciuca said on Thursday during a video call with prefects on the measures taken in preparation for the 2022-2023 winter season.

The Prime Minister said that the authorities are further taking steps to secure the necessary reserves, so that even the most complicated weather conditions during the cold season are covered.

“My call to you is for more coordination and inter-institutional dialogue, both vertically and horizontally, in the coming period, and I also encourage you to report any problem you are facing, so that we know about it in advance and are able to take measures in a timely manner,” said Nicolae Ciuca.


Natural gas stocks at almost 93 pct, to reach 95 – 97 pct by November 1


Natural gas stocks have currently reached almost 93 percent and by November 1 they will be covered in a proportion of 95-97 percent, Minister of Energy Virgil Popescu announced on Thursday, in a videoconference with the county prefects on preparations for the cold season, headed by Prime Minister Nicolae Ciuca.

“Coal stocks in the thermal power plant, and here I’m mainly talking about lignite, are within normal parameters. The production of lignite coal practically increased this year, by almost 900,000 tonnes, despite the fact that we had the quarry at Rosia blocked for a month and a half. Precisely, the stocks have increased to compensate for the reserve in the reservoirs of Hidroelectrica, a shortage generated especially by the drought this summer,” explained the minister.

“Coal stocks are normally secured for 10 days, but we are talking about an increased production of coal that ensures a higher production of electricity, which will compensate for the electricity produced by Hidroelectrica. At the Oltenia Energy Complex , to give you an overview, the Rovinari Power Station operates with the coal stocks in the quarry, because they come directly from the quarry to the power station, so there is no stock. They exist in the quarry and are transported by belt conveyor directly to the power plant .. (…) We need coal-based energy this winter, with this energy crisis, and the Oltenia Energy Complex is operating with all fronts pushed to maximum coal extraction capacity,” Popescu said.

According to him, the natural gas flows in and out of the country are on track and no problems with the supply are expected from this point of view.


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