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December 4, 2022

Premiere: Electromontaj designs, builds and connects the highest high voltage poles in Romania

The company announces that it is in the process of completing the construction of the 400 kV Cernavodă-Stâlpu Power Line (LEA), through an unique stage, connecting the highest high-voltage poles in Romania, 150 meters high, located on the banks of the river Danube. 90% of the materials used for this project are of Romanian origin.

 LEA 400 kV Cernavodă-Stâlpu is a project developed by Compania Nationala de Transport al Energiei Electrice Transelectrica SA, co-financed by the Mechanism for Connecting Europe – Connecting Europe Facility and implemented by the Electromontaj group, as contractor.

The project is part of the North-South Interconnection East Electricity Corridor and aims to strengthen the cross-section between the west coast of the Black Sea and the rest of the European system , contributing at the same time to the strengthening of the electricity transmission network in Romania, to the increase of the interconnection capacity between Romania and Bulgaria and to the integration of the wind energy produced in the Dobrogea area.

The overhead power line is 160 km long and crosses the territory of three counties: Constanța (6 km with double circuit), Ialomiţa (94 km with double circuit and 5 km with single circuit) and Buzău (54 km with double circuit), with 22 territorial administrative units.

The LEA also includes the crossing of the Danube in the Cernavodă area and the Borcea branch, near the Stelnica commune, with a length of crossing panels of 2.6 km at the Danube and 1.7 km at Borcea. The crossing will create a common corridor with the Danube crossings and the existing 400 kV single circuit Cernavodă – Pelicanu and Cernavodă – Gura Ialomiței lines.

The crossing of the Borcea branch was made with high-voltage poles, 100 m high, and the 150 m high poles are used to cross the Danube, these being the highest high-voltage poles in Romania. The poles were produced by Electromontaj in its own production unit, at the Fabrica de Stâlpi Metalici Zincați (Factory of Galvanized Metal Poles), and were tested in its own test station in Bucharest, one of the largest in the world.

“We are part of a historic moment in the history of the Romanian energy infrastructure, through this new crossing of the Danube river, the last one being completed 35 years ago, namely LEA 400 Kv Cernavodă – Gura Ialomiței. I am honored and proud of the Electromontaj team for this performance, which will facilitate the development of Romania’s energy infrastructure. ” – Ionuț Tănăsoaica, CEO Electromontaj.

Currently, Electromontaj has dozens of projects underway, both in the country and internationally, among which the 440 kV double-circuit Gutinaș-Smârdan substation and the extension of the 400 kV Gutinaș station, beneficiary of CNTEE Transelectrica, the 440 kV Portile de Fier substation – Anina – Reșita, CNTEE Transelectrica beneficiary – switch to the voltage from 220kV to 440kV of the Portile de Fier axis – Reșita – Timisoara – Sacalaz – Arad, re-conducting the 220 kV LEA Stejaru – Fântânele – Gheorghieni, Connection of the 400 kV LEA Isaccea Varna and the 400 kV LEA Isaccea Dobrudja in the 400 kV Medgidia Sud station, 2 new 400 kV lines that allow connection to SEN Bulgaria.

Since the beginning of the year until now, projects have been completed in Bulgaria, Greece and the Netherlands, a branch has been opened in the Republic of Moldova for projects to be carried out there, and another project has started in the Netherlands.





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