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November 29, 2022

Traveling exhibition ‘We the People’, which celebrates 25 years of U.S. – Romania strategic partnership, unveiled in Bucharest. Muniz: Romania has really come very far

The traveling exhibition ‘We the People’, which celebrates 25 years of U.S. – Romania strategic partnership, organized by the U.S. Embassy in partnership with the Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs – the Diplomatic Archives Unit, the AGERPRES National News Agency, in collaboration with the University of Craiova – was unveiled on Wednesday evening in Bucharest.

The exhibition organized with the support of the Capital City Hall – the Cultural Center of the City of Bucharest includes three themes: security cooperation, mutual understanding and economic prosperity and a selfie panel.

The thematic photo essay explores the diplomatic, security, economic and cultural relations between the Romanian and American people, proving, in a display of interactions between the two nations, that the U.S. – Romania Strategic Partnership is accessible to everyone. The exhibition extensively captures the interactions between the two peoples ever since the beginning of the Partnership, in 1997.

150 photos are presented that focus on the theme “We the People”, which represents the preamble of the United States Constitution and the embodiment of human ties that form bridges of understanding and cooperation between peoples.

The  photos of the exhibit create a personal framework for the Strategic Partnership of the past and present, providing the opportunity to experience the friendship and collaboration between the two peoples in a new way.

The AGERPRES National News Agency contributed 20 images from its photo stream and its Photographic Archive. Also, the Foreign Ministry’s Diplomatic Archives Unit contributed 13 photos.

The exhibition was already presented in Craiova and Timisoara.

In Bucharest it can be seen until November 30 and will subsequently travel to Sibiu (December 8 – January 10, 2023), Cluj-Napoca (January 11 – February 7, 2023), Iasi (February 8 – March 7, 2023) and Constanta (March 9 – April 6, 2023).


US Embassy’s David Muniz: Romania has really come very far


David Muniz, the chargé d’affaires with the United States Embassy in Bucharest, said on Wednesday that Romania’s evolution in the 25 years since the signing of the Strategic Partnership with the US is astonishing and that our country has come very far, but there is still a lot of work to be done, which is true for all countries.

“It’s really amazing. I had the privilege of working in different former communist countries. I can make a comparison. Romania has really come very far, farther than many countries, of course joining NATO and the EU – very important achievements. We all know that there are many things to do next, this is the truth for every country and for here. We like to say ‘don’t miss the forest for the trees’, which means that if you see where Romania has reached in the 25 years (since the signing of the Strategic Partnership, ed. n.), in the 32 years since communism ended, it’s amazing. It is completely different. Just the other day I was watching a video material from 1997, on Romanian Television, how everything looked and how people were dressed and how they behaved, these things have changed over time and you can see the social and economic changes. I think it is to our benefit to look at such things and to remind ourselves and be positive about the future,” stressed David Muniz, on the occasion of the opening of the traveling photo exhibition We, the People: 25 Years of Strategic Partnership.

He described the relationship between Romania and the USA as very strong.

“We work together in so many fields, that of security, nuclear energy, oil and gas and other fields in which Romania is a leader in the Black Sea area – energy independence and security. The relationship between our peoples is flourishing”, Muniz said.

These photos emblematically illustrate the strong relations between our countries, relations that become stronger every day, said the chargé d’affaires of the United States Embassy in Bucharest.

He confessed that one of his favorite photos is from 2021 from an event he participated in – Exercise DEFENDER-EUROPE 21, that took place in Romania.

The curator of the exhibition, museographer Irina Hasnas, said that the photographs span a period of 25 years and illustrate the connections between people.

“It’s about the connections between people, it’s about friendship, diplomatic, political, business, cultural relations, from children holding each other to veterans,” said Irina Hasnas.

The traveling photographic exhibition ” We the People: 25 Years of Strategic Partnership” was opened in the University Square with a musical moment, attended by dozens of people, delivered by the 101st Airborne Division (Air Assault) Band of the US Army and the Representative Music of the Ministry of National Defence. A girl from the audience was invited to conduct in the end of the concert.

“It’s an extraordinarily beautiful thing because we brought together two pieces of music that the world likes. (…) Music is a universal language,” said Colonel Aurel Gheorghita, head of MApN’s Representative Music.

“When we sing we speak the same language. We never sang together before today. Today was the only day we prepared and I think it’s an amazing illustration of what our nations, our armies, our peoples can achieve when they are together”, emphasized Commander James Landrum.

Among those who participated in the event were former president Emil Constantinescu, parliamentarians Robert Cazanciuc, Radu Oprea, Alexandru Muraru, the capital’s mayor, Nicusor Dan.

The officials visited the exhibition, and Emil Constantinescu showed them the place where one of the photographs in which he appears was taken. The photo taken in July 1997 in the University Square shows Emil Constantinescu together with the former American President Bill Clinton.


Former President Emil Constantinescu: The launch of the U.S. – Romania Strategic Partnership 25 years ago was a watershed event


The launch of the U.S. – Romania Strategic Partnership 25 years ago was a watershed event, former President Emil Constantinescu said on Wednesday after the unveiling of the photo exhibition ‘We the People’, staged in Bucharest’s downtown University Square.

“The strategic partnership between the United States of America and Romania, launched 25 years ago, produced important strategic-military, political, economic, cultural and social consequences,” said the former President.

In his speech, U.S. chargé d’affaires ad interim David Muniz spoke about developments over the last quarter of a century.

“It was 25 years ago when President Clinton stood in Piata Universitatii and proclaimed, ‘The Romanian people have won the world’s respect for moving so far, so fast, and for believing in yourselves and your future…’ and he added, ‘Stay the course, the future is yours.’ He was right, and so was President Constantinescu when he stated, ‘We have laid this bridge built by human beings across an ocean which God has set between you and us. It is a bridge of common values.’ It is these common values we honor today, and in these dark times, we are reminded again of the importance of sharing them,” the diplomat pointed out.

Muniz went on to say that “these two leaders could not have foreseen what this region would face twenty-five years in the future, but they clearly understood the timeless benefits of democracy and Alliance … and together they created the U.S.-Romania Strategic Partnership.”

“The benefits this quarter century of Partnership have brought belong to every single one of us … American, Romanian, Ally and friend alike,” he added.

Referring to the freshly opened exhibition, he said that “every picture on display speaks to our accomplishments. We pledged to shared security – and Romania in 2022 is a stalwart and essential NATO Ally. We have stood shoulder-to-shoulder in the world’s most dangerous places. We have cheered Romania as it has moved from a recipient nation to an exporter of peace and security.”

Secretary of State with the National Defense Ministry Eduard Bachide said that “the photos selected by the organizers of this impressive exhibition illustrate not only the evolution of a collaborative relationship, but testify to the friendship between our peoples, to the important achievements we accomplished together and of which we are equally proud of.”

“The defense capacities installed in Romania pose no threat to anyone, in no case to Russia, as the Kremlin’s propaganda suggests, but on the contrary, they contribute to the defense of the allied territory against potential threats,” Bachide said.


Compiled from Agerpres

Photo: Facebook/U.S. Embassy Bucharest

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