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November 30, 2022

PSD’s Ciolacu: Price for energy must be regulated, we need solid package for vulnerable persons

Social Democratic Party (PSD)  leader Marcel Ciolacu on Thursday stated, in Craiova, that the energy price must be regulated, so that there will be one single price, and the governors must come up with a solid package for vulnerable householders, so that they can survive the winter.

“I believe, as I said before, that energy and the price for energy must be regulated, we need to have one single price. For vulnerable householders, we must come up with a solid package to overcome this winter and this period of energy crisis, where again it is not our fault that someone signed to close certain production capacities. It is not our fault that certain measures were not taken at the right time or, when prices were liberalized, Romanians were told that they would see the price goes down. Look, it didn’t go down, it went up,” said Ciolacu.

He pointed thus to the moment when the Minister of Labour, Marius Budai, first announced the increase in pensions.

At the same time, Ciolacu stated that the PSD will never allow the Isalnita Thermal Power Plant to close and end up as scrap metal.

“I saw that there are all kinds of plans to switch to gas or photovoltaic generation. Very good, that’s a very good thing. I saw instead this morning that in Germany a wind farm built in 2001 is now underway of dismantling, precisely to expand the exploitation of the lignite mine in the area. I don’t know how good or bad the people in Germany are doing, but that means being dynamic, that means knowing what is happening in your country, that means having leaders who I make decisions in real time, I don’t make decisions based on slogans or what someone else asks us to do,” said the PSD president.

On the other hand, he referred to the law initiated by PSD that allows the construction of small hydropower plants in protected areas, which USR (Save Romania Union) challenged with CCR (Constitutional Court of Romania).


PSD will make no castling regarding Defence portfolio, it will respect the political agreement


SocDem  chair Marcel Ciolacu, declared on Thursday evening, in southern Craiova, that most likely next week, after the coalition meeting, the National Political Council of the Social Democrats will decide on the person to take over the Ministry of Defense.

When asked if the PSD will cede MApN for another ministry, Marcel Ciolacu replied: “The problem has not even arisen, now I cannot enter the area of speculation, answer in the area of speculation”.

He said that PSD wants to keep the Defense portfolio.

“Definitely, it is a ministry, for me personally, with a special connotation, I think that one of the proudest periods in my life was when I was the interim Minister of Defense for about two weeks. Finally, I decided together with the Prime Minister of that time, Mr. Mihai Tudose, to remain in the position of deputy prime minister and not to remain in Defense. I’m really sorry now,” said the PSD president.

Asked if there will be a round-off between the PSD and the PNL (National Liberal Party) regarding the positions of Minister of Defense and Energy, the leader of the social democrats replied that he did not have such a discussion with Prime Minister Ciuca and emphasized that at the moment it is a political agreement that he respects.

“There is no swap, we don’t barter, we don’t make castlings, at the moment we have a political agreement that we respect. Mr. Minister Vasile Dincu has resigned, it is normal to have a discussion in the coalition – not a discussion between me and prime minister – and then a discussion within the party,” Ciolacu said.


Race  within the party to decide PSD’s candidate for the 2024 presidential elections


In order to decide the party’s candidate for the 2024 presidential elections, there will be a race within the party, after a statutory amendment will be made in this regard at the next Congress, on Thursday evening told a news conference in southern Craiova the president of the Social Democratic Party (PSD), Marcel Ciolacu.

“I told my colleagues and I had a discussion with them before making this announcement, that from now on a custom has ended in the PSD, that is, the president of the party was by right the candidate for the position of president (of Romania, ed. n.). We have to decide this through a statutory amendment that we will make next year, in order to fit in, however, the elections you are asking me about are at the end of 2024. After that amendment in Congress, I automatically announced that there will be a race for those who want to run for the position of president, within the party. (…) Not a handful of people decide who the candidate is. Just like today, in a broad conference, with mayors, vice mayors, councilors, parliamentarians, they will decide who among those who entered the race represents them best, by vote. So it’s a democratic system and, I repeat, we made a mistake somewhere if we lost four times, it means we made a mistake. We have to fix that,” Marcel Ciolacu said.

The PSD leader also said, in the context of a comment by journalists about Mircea Geoana and Alexandru Rafila as possible candidates, that currently everyone should focus on the position for which they were voted.

“You should know that Minister Daea, who is next to me, is a person who cannot be neglected as a candidate for the president of Romania,” added the head of the PSD.

“Let me do what I know,” replied the Minister of Agriculture, Petre Daea.


It bothers me that some of coalition partners try to forget, manipulate truth


The president of the Social Democratic Party (PSD), Marcel Ciolacu, declared, on Thursday evening, in southern Craiova, that the social democrats chose to enter the government, because at that moment Romania had reached an “economic, sanitary and social disaster”, and today some of the partners of the coalition try to forget this truth, sometimes, they try to manipulate this truth through certain statements.

According to the PSD leader, from November 2019 until November 2021, public debt increased by 139 billion RON, almost 2% of Romania’s GDP, from 36.9% of GDP to 49%, “more precisely, from 364.9 billion RON to 557.8 billion RON: 139 billion RON.”

“On the deficit: worse. The PSD left the country’s finances at a budget deficit of 2.8% in October 2019. Experts Citu and Valceanu who were in finance raised the deficit to an astronomical figure in 2020, of almost 10% of GDP. We are the only European country that has an agreement with the European Commission to return to the 3% deficit, although all European countries have exceeded the 3% deficit. (…) I think you still remember the purchases from the pandemic and we also expect now to find out the truth from the anti-graft directorate (DNA),” Ciolacu added.

According to Ciolacu, this money is neither in schools, nor in kindergartens, nor in Motorways, nor in agriculture, “but in the pockets of crooks”.

“Furthermore, this spending spree continued in 2021. When PSD took over the country’s finances, the deficit was already 4.7%. I sit and wonder how stupid one can be to come and accuse the Minister of Finance and PSD of how expensive they borrow and why do we make loans. I think things must be said very clearly and see exactly whose fault it is. The fault is theirs,” the PSD president concluded.


If there are problems with the PM rotation in May, we have only one solution, we return to the vote of the Romanians


The social democrats will make the nomination for the position of prime minister “when the time comes”, said the Social Democratic Party (PSD) chair, Marcel Ciolacu, on Thursday evening in southern Craiova, adding that he believes that there will be no problems next year regarding the rotation of the position of prime minister.

When asked when the PSD will make the nomination for prime minister, the PSD president answered: “when the time will come”, and when asked if the president Iohannis will sign the decree for a PSD prime minister, Ciolacu replied that he does not think there will be problems.

Marcel Ciolacu also said that in the situation where there are problems with the rotation, the only solution is to return to the vote of the Romanians.

“Please, at the first conference of the president, ask him the question. I believe that there are no problems with the rotation in May, absolutely none. If there are problems with the rotation in May, we have only one solution, we return to the vote of the Romanians,” Ciolacu said.


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